SOLD - FS: 256 (no. 068)

  • Time to downsize my life, including my music gear. So I'm offering the following:

    SOLD - Original monome 256 (no. 068) with a bus-powered upgrade (by Brian and Kelli). It is in flawless condition and includes the original box, usb cable, and power supply (though it is no longer needed). $1400 plus insured shipping.

    SOLD - Motu Ultralite (1st version). It functions perfectly and is in excellent condition. The only thing keeping it from being mint is a few nicks in the paint on the top. I think they are from the zipper of the bag I kept it in. Includes all documentation, software, firewire cable, rack mount kit, etc. in original box. $250 plus shipping.

    SOLD - Kenton Killamix Mini. Excellent condition with a few scratches on the bottom. Includes usb cable. $250 plus shipping.

    If you are interested, please contact me at pat AT patrickpetro DOT com.


  • :( sad to see you selling your 256...

  • No worries. It will be promptly replaced by a grayscale 64...


  • Forgot to mention, this 256 has had a full pad set replacement, too. Super responsive...


  • i want this :( if only i had the money

  • Dropped the price to $1400. :)