12 x Livid Button Pads (Medium) £29

  • These are the Medium Button Pads. I have a load over from my own controller building projects no longer needed as I was going to build a second controller but decided to make a big MK Monome instead.

    These are probably NOT going to work with the various Bibo Boards as these are 1" centers but are useful for making push button interfaces for ableton. Usually selling for $5 per strip of 1x4 buttons, selling all as a job lot for $40/£29 inc shipping.

    deets on livid's site here: http://shop.lividinstruments.com/builder.html?p=2
    come with a set of custom spacers

    email fox@vixen.demon.co.uk if interested

  • email sent.

  • ok i´m late. but still for sale??

  • wow, that's one hell of a necro-bump!