Troy Nachtigall, maker of the monome / laptop travel DJ bag hosts workshop

  • I wish I could make it out to this, but I'm in Chicago for the next little bit.

    Troy Nachtigall will be doing a workshop at this event hosted by in Colorado.

    The bag in that picture is designed to be in use while you walk, so you can DJ for yourself in transit. This looks awesome!

  • maker of monome?

  • hah, i read that too. english is funny

  • Yeah thats kinda funny.

  • The fashion garments are hideous Lulz

  • comment

  • silent partner?

  • surprise! tehn, and you thought you knew what was going on!

  • ha, you think i ever know what's going on?

  • Thats a nice purse!

  • it's called a "man purse" for dignity's sake

    heh, damn title getting cut off. "maker of the monome man-purse" it should say

  • yeah - the funny part came from how the forum truncated the title once you click in.

    don't think there's any real confusion as to who the wizard of oz is here.

    he frightens me --->

  • it's his facial hair, isn't it?

  • wtf? wearable tech? am i gunna be able to hang a usb cord off my dong and be fashionable at the same time???? yes! my dreams are coming true...

  • Have you ever noticed that the majority of dudes in the fashion industry, their outfits, never look very fashionable? Or creative. They all kind of look like... Oh nevermind, I'll check my negativity at the login... but I'll keep this up for a hint of hypocrisy.

  • @icepot: it cracks me up, too, how often fashion photographers are unkempt frumpy dudes (the photo gals usually seem somewhat put together). As an unkempt frumpy dude myself I find this endearing, but the in-front-of-the-camera crowd seems to be light years apart from the behind-the-camera crowd.

  • heh, anyone going out with such a canibalized (even if wearable) monome, and arrogant face, should be shot on sight.