help recognize galapagoose

  • peoples of the community who use

    i'm trying to help our good friend galapagoose get proper recognition on the wiki. apparently, there was an older german ambient techno crew called 'GALAPAGOOSE' (all caps, no less) and they don't make tunes anymore, but our boy definitely does.

    i updated the wiki, now we just need a few more up-votes on the photographs for a full profile takeover, i've uploaded two choice shots:

    just a few more votes and we should be there. thank you for your time.

  • after we do that, can we get "%" to show up in my iTunes library (without searching for it)?

  • ha, good luck — · — · — % used to be at the top of the itunes index, now it's at the bottom, sadface.

  • yea, it was a super sad day when that happened. i actually let out an audible sigh.

  • for some reason, i cannot make the number by the thumbs up increase...

  • Got my vote!

  • done! Maybe I should make myself a page one of these days too.

  • doooonnneeee

  • done.
    and when you read this trent (if you do)

    fucking congrats for warming up for flying lotus !

  • haha thank you so! was a really bizarre gig to play and the audience was tiny when i was on, but a super big honour to support flylo and gaslamp and harmonic 313 and dam funk all in one night!

    thanks for helping me take over the social media world of galapagoose!