tried everything....

  • kit is all soldered up,
    everything mentioned in this forum works except key presses
    i just dont get it
    osc mode,
    leds all work,
    double checked solders,
    binary 8 on start,
    what should i do??

  • In the visual assembly guide there's a testing part where you can connect two points of the key matrix and see button press messages come out (this tests the logic board on its own). Did this work for you? If so then I guess the problem is on the keypad board.

    Have you got the surface mount diodes soldered the right way round? How are you testing the key presses?

  • are you able to actually change the LEDs with the test patches?

    either the diodes are backwards, or there are some bad solders on the smaller ICs 74HC164 74HC165.

  • ok
    monome test:
    i can change all the LEDs with the test patch
    when i was testing the button presses before with just the ribbons, it would work but it was kinda glitchy...
    i chalked that up to impersise control,
    now i get nothing....
    diodes are all good
    i'll try the other solders

  • if it comes down to it, post photos.

    also, try bridging the button star pattern with something metal.

  • ok....
    bridging button star pattern doesn't work
    i triple checked luck
    i double checked ICs...nothing
    when doing the ribbon wire toggle i get activity,
    but thats all
    tried reversing and re-reversing ribbons
    double checked ALLL solders
    this whole kit works except the button pushes,
    what should i do next?
    (sorry no digicam)

  • oh BTW..
    i just ran flin and it works.......except button pushes

  • where are you located?

    given you got the buttons to trigger using the ribbon bridge, that means the logic board works. that's good news.

    for the grid, try a few things-- don't bridge the star pattern, but bridge at the cable connectors. bridge one x with one y. you'll need to trace the circuit to see which is keys and which is leds. does this make sense? so you're effectively bypassing the diodes.

    if this works, there are two possible problems. 1. backwards diodes 2. for some reason they're always connected, and it's actually unable to turn "off"-- usually solder bridges.

    if this doesn't work, the ribbon cables might be bad, which seems completely unlikely because the leds work. so let's rule that out.

    i'm going to look at your photos again.

  • ah, no photos.

    the integral step:

  • thanks tehn,
    i'm gonna try your tests,
    this has been only my second soldering adventure
    my diodes are oriented correctly, but the solderings a little messy
    i think im goin to go back and clean things up a bit
    then try again
    i'm located in San Francisco
    i appreciate you taking the time on this board
    i'll keep you posted

  • okok
    bridge at the cable connector worked!
    i can select rows at a time through bridging the connectors
    i asume thats what should this means its the diodes right?
    lemme know man
    thank you much

  • try removing a diode and turning it around. you might just want to clip it off and use an extra one we included. also just try heating up some of the solder on each side of a diode, make sure it's making good contact. do you have a voltmeter?

  • YESSSS!!!
    turns out there was 2 bad solders in the resistor network
    fixed things right quick!
    just finished the first mess around with mLr
    thanks for the help
    thanks for the everything
    you guys are THE best

    i'll post my case when its done
    you'll flip

  • Today in Monome history :D

  • Wow! Yeah, this is precious.

  • nice troubleshooting :)