• @tehn:
    Just curious, why is the gs series expensive to tool?

    (kinda off topic mybad)

  • @GreaterThanZero:

    Thanks, that was helpful. I'm just learning the differences between encoders (increments, right?) and regular knobs with fixed values. I'd just assumed the standard knob, if it spins endlessly, was of the encoder variety. I hadn't actually checked to see how the nanoKontrol is setup in that regard.

    Hopefully the arc will be good for driving further development. I'd love to see more monome apps get support for encoders and knobs and dials and whatnot, so that more things can be done with existing simple MIDI/USB devices, even if they are less capable.

    I hadn't thought of new apps or what they could do; I'm still trying to get my head around this being something besides a simple dial.

    I can totally imagine taking two arc encoders and sticking them on either side of a monome. A bit of cutting, a bit of coding, and . . . presto, now you've created the "Etch-a-nome," and you can draw pretty pictures (using the LEDs). Press down on the knob to "lift off" your nifty new light pen and set it down someplace else. There's something you couldn't do with the original Etch-a-Sketch. Single-color pixel art for the win!

  • the enclosure. it requires a tool, aka mold, which fits into a huge injection molding machine. that tool is expensive to machine. that's all.

    with walnut the materials are more expensive, but no huge tooling cost. the CNC operates directly on the material.

  • Well I guess it's a good thing that mlrv's tempo change bug was fixed :)

  • physics based apps? a short, fast twist could send an LED rotating around the knob, triggering a MIDI note or something each time it passes 12 o'clock. Switch notes via the other knob (or monome, or elsewhere) and you can get a little sequence going with polyrhythms depending on the acceleration of the twist.

    The possibilities are endless (encoder)

  • Whoa, I had no idea what this arc topic was all about. My bookmark goes straight to the forum. It looks beautiful!

    This should make for some interesting applications. Definitely not your usual map-to knob. I figure the most interesting applications would make unique use of those 64 leds.

  • i love the idea of push buttons.
    ideally i would want to use the knobs to control effects in ableton controlling an audio signal from mlr.
    push to turn on
    twist to control dry/wet
    push to turn off.
    this coupled with individual outs for all four channels in mlr is my dream

  • @KingWilliam,

    Why not push to turn on, twist to control, release to turn off?

    ...and then while it's "off", why not twist to select which parameters you're controlling when it's "on"?

  • My word, this is just breathtaking!

    Must have and can't wait to hear more.

  • In so many ways thank you, Joy is spreading from your imagination into the the world.

    much better than just imagination.

  • very interesting. obviously the monome fetishist in me is tickled pink.

    the challenge of using this to create new and exciting applications is pretty strong.

    i wonder if the resolution offered by the arc would be useful for interfacing with the analog world of electrical signals in say, a modular synth.

  • @oootini

    Most certainly would!

  • YES!

    Just to confirm I read correctly. We have individual intensity for each LED?

  • two...or four...
    hopefully pricing will be student friendly going to have make some sacrifices either way!

    any reason why the arc4 is 4x1 rather than 2x2?

    also what are the dimensions of the new units?
    are the gs units still thinner?

  • i think it would be nice to offer 2x2 or 4x1.

    because a 2x2 would sit nice next to a 64.

    but a 4x1 sits nice next to a 128.

    which means i need to get a 128 (especially since they're now bus powered AND a single piece of wood)!

    brian has his eyes on my bank account!!!

  • oh yea +1 bagillion for a 4x1

    that baby would sit sexy under a 256...make it look like an EQ or mixer...still have my hard on....

  • @jimdrake: i presume the next gen 64s, 128s, 256s will also have per led intensity? if so, cool!

  • @greaterthanzero
    4 knobs....4 channels
    this is almost too perfect.

  • Sumptuous! Kit, please!!!

  • Just to reiterate... looks awesome tehn, sumptuous kit as usual and the wormhole into our wallets has just increased its radius!!

  • i like kirn's idea about really trying to use the arc as it is, not in congunction with another control interface. pixel ale had a great idea about modeling laws in physics. i turn to raja for coming up with something involving the rotational control of saturn's moons effecting audio destruction starships.

    the best part about the wait for actual release will be looking at everything i do to make music and think, "how can i do all of this with just 2 or 4 encoders and still have it be interesting?"

  • these look so good.

    +1 for the 4x1

    also +1 for individual led intensity on a monome, that could open up some interesting possibilities.

  • doesn't the monome allready have individual led intensity?
    i have used a max fo rlive app that called pulse i think that makes my lights dim to the beat of my tempo..


  • So does this mean I need a 4x1 for my 128 and a 2x2 for the 64? I think so.

  • Will arc use a client similar to monomeserial?

  • @KristofferLislegaard,

    The monome has a global intensity setting that affects all LEDs equally. I believe there's a firmware hack available for arduinomes which adds this functionality to individual buttons, but I don't think it'll work on the official units.

    Some apps do simulate this by pulsing the LEDs at very fast speeds, which is what the firmware solution does as well. Difference being how much bandwidth you have to give up for it. Sending individual pulse signals for each of your buttons x times a second over OSC can make things a bit sluggish.

  • @Galaxy the arc will use serialosc which is on its way :)

  • Whats the ETA on serialosc?

  • @ gtz

    ah of course its globas, forgot =)

    individual would be really really cool :D

  • @01100010:
    late january

  • beautiful.

    @tehn: May we please see a photo of the arc in relation to a chicken, to better gauge its size?

  • getting one of these is going to be an obstacle :(

  • congratulations on another beautiful design!

  • another seemingly awesome product from the great people at monome.

    I've been waiting a long time for this to show up...

  • no one has seemed to address this most very important question.

    can you stand on it?

  • Looks fantastic

  • oh yay! this looks beautiful. the 64 leds really make it for me. especially-variable brightness? *gasp* i don't know why more people aren't getting excited about this element

    also +1 for etch-a-nome

  • @sursiks,

    That would be 128 LEDs. Or 256, on the 4x1 model. 64 per ring.

    Put another way, the 40h is 64 buttons which each have 2 display states. The smaller arc unit is 2 buttons with roughly 952,000 display states each. (I think. 64 LEDs x 16 intensity levels? math isn't my strong suit.)

    A more practical way to think of it might be that arc offers much higher resolution control and feedback than the monome, even with fewer things to touch.

    Point being, yes. A lot of us are -very- excited about the variable brightness. But it's all just potential 'til the apps start appearin'.

    You can't fault people for needing to see this thing in action before they understand what it can be, and what that can mean for them.

  • put me down for gs arc and gs 256 i can wait a few months

  • nice indeed.

  • Brilliant!

  • are there going to be three versions like the monome? arc2, arc4 and arc8?

  • no arc8. we're only making single-row versions as well. i considered the 2x2, but it's not very ergonomic to reach over one row to touch another row.

  • can't wait to see some video!

  • Woha, the 4 one will be all in a row? That's totally blown that mental picture, that's a much better layout.

  • At present I can't see a personal need for one of these, this will more than likely change when tehn makes a little demo video showing it off.

  • Cannot wait to buy as many as I can. Probably just to look at them sitting around. The turn of this month will mean a lot of cash floating towards the Catskills. CC limit raised today - bring. it. on.

  • @iccapod - i have to say that at first talk about this device, i felt the same way. i could not see the use for 2 high res encoders, all i could think of for a use was manipulating effects or changing presets or something similar and un-inspired, which made me very sad. fortunately, i am surrounded by a lot of people who have put out ideas about how amazing this can be and now i am suuuuuper excited!