[OT] Tempest (Linn&Smith) vs. Machinedrum SPS (Elektron)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRD8f5BJSsw

    Which should the money I'm saving go to? Decisions, decisions.

  • tempest. straight up.

  • wow the fabled linn/smith drum machine is actually seeing the light of day???

    have i stepped into an alternate universe?

  • I mean yeah everyone's going to knee jerk Linn&Smith... but there's one BIG thing missing from Tempest - audio in!!!

  • the tempest has 6 voices with 2 analog and 2 digital oscillators each. do really need audio in?

  • @Active... I mean well uhhhhh? Yeah?

    Looking over the Octatrack specs though I think the Machinedrum with sampling is the better matchup.

  • @sondod - the pair up is unfair to begin with, the tempest is just a drum machine while the octatrack is a sampler, two totally different beasts.

    for me personally feel is a big thing, i want to be able to play something using pads, not just program step sequences. with this in mind, i want the pads. also i constantly find it hard to justify spending my own money on a hardware digital drum machine/synth, as oppose to getting something analog and a soft instrument.

    but again, these are my needs and wants as a performer/composer/sound designer.

  • @Active yeah I edited the matchup. For some reason I thought Octatrack was synth as well but MD SPS has sampling but is the drum machine.

    I can understand your preference for pads. I've moved away from step sequences myself. Though my preference for performance pads falls short of my desire for routing options. Without the audio ins Tempest becomes closed until the sound comes out. The way MD has sampling and ability to route in, even as Aux for additional effects looks really good to me. But then again they don't have Dave Smiths synth engine.

  • @ringo some research tells me this is not a replacement for the LinnDrumII, which is still in the works. Also probably the answer to my where are the inputs question.

  • I think we are at a point where we should start to save, but what to buy will wait until the new linn drum to complete this pairing of great minds. Who knows how these two devices might interact together!

  • they are both a bit much cash-wise IMO.

    but the tempest looks like it could be a 2x8 monome as well, hah!

  • tempest looks like a lot more fun to play

  • Why this pad layout on the tempest?