help: studio monitors

  • Get rid of the desk. :)

  • Try some foam pads, something like these:

    Alternatively, there are quite a few DIY can make your own out of foam, or i've even seen people use blocks of concrete or something...

  • @stretta: I would if I could, but it belonged to a good friend of my grandmother's. It was his school desk at Harvard in the 1930s. Waaaaay to much sentimental attachment to abandon now.

    Before I drop too much more cash I was hoping to go the DIY route. I might try foam, cork, cinder blocks, whatever. If the solution is ugly but effective I can live with that. I was hoping someone else might have found success with their own method and is willing to share some tips.

  • In the past I've had decent results with a sort of sandwich of materials. Rubber pad, then a cinder block, and then foam right under the monitor (just have to make sure it's stable). It seemed to help. If you can find thin enough foam, you might even try a layer between two rubber pads on top of the cinder block. Kind of make the monitors float on something super heavy. It also helped to raise them to a height better for listening back.

    Will the stands fit in with the desk?

  • @down&down: Thanks for the tips. I'll try anything at this point. The desk is pushed up against a wall and there is no practical way (given the size of the room which is tiny) to move it out.

    I think you're right, elevating as well as isolating to some degree should help. I'll work on that this weekend and see what happens. I know they won't sound as good as being on stands sitting on the floor, but any improvement will make me happy.

  • I just recently picked up a pair of rokit rp5g2's, so far so good, they sound lovely in comparison to the hi-fi speakers I've been using the past 2 years. I haven't had any complaints thus far, great build quality, lots of input choice and really nice smooth bass. Really happy with them.

  • Cool! I'm about to buy a pair of those. I was actually undecided between the RP5 and RP6. Anybody have compared the two? Are they worth the extra 100 bucks? Euro-bucks, that is...

  • I just got RP6's and am very very happy with them... but I'm still waiting to fully break in the caps

  • saving up for a pair of Adam A7X or Focal CM5 here (or maybe even dynaudio).

  • I also just got the RP6's and am very happy with them as well - though I got the bright red ones a month ago when they were $180/pair! Not sure I would pay $400 for them, but that's a reflection on my (lack of) bank balance, not their quality.

  • +1 on the $180 monitors... Wahoooo for deals

  • I was gonna go with the RP6's but they where a fair bit more expensive in the shop i was in and the RP5's were on sale, it was actually quite funny because the guy said "hey, check these out" and proceeded to do a demo of them. they were hooked to a windows machine with some cubase demo song, when he hit space bar the computer near exploded, lots of error messages about the audio clock and then cubase quit and the whole thing stalled. I felt like bursting out laughing watching him panic trying to find out what was wrong, then he said "well, thats windows for you" then he gave me a 10% embarrassment discount. weird.

  • ha!

    i'm still figuring out if the bright red R6's are better or worse than the monitors i bought off of visinin..

  • @soundcyst
    how are those treating you, by the way?

  • I bought two mint Hs50's used from guitar center. $99 each.

    Dumb question... Each speaker is powered. In order to listen to them I have to turn them on individually from the back. Would a mixer have a built in power supply so that one switch will turn them both on?

  • Revenant, i have a pair of hs80s, i just leave them both on and turn them on from the power strip that i use for all my gear...not sure if that's ideal or not but there ya go...

    not sure what you mean by a mixer, they need their own power supply.

    hs80s sound beyond awesome set up on stands positioned in the middle of the room. the soundstage is incredible and you can pick out so much stereo detail compared to the computer speakers i had previously.

  • hey guys. not trying to hijack the thread, but what would you choose between Genelec 8030a and KRK VXT6?

  • genelec. used to have a few pairs of those at my old job. they sounded remarkable for their size.

    they're also ~2x expensive...

  • @soundcyst.
    ah fuck! i misunderstood the pricing. thought that was for two.
    thank's for clearing that up.

  • or did I? hard to find good info on this. if the price in some of the webstores are for one or two...

    so 2 x genelec 8030 is twice as much as 2x KRK VXT6??

  • focals.

  • I have a pair of hs50's. They are great. My room is quite small so they are perfect for the space. I also just turn them on and off at the wall.

  • Juuuust got back from the store with a pair of KRK RP6. While trying them out I was more inclined towards the RP8 for the larger cone, but even these sound PHAT.

    Now some room treatment to get clearer bass and I'm done! Big smile on my face right now.

  • anyone any comments on Samson Rubicon 6a's?

    Possible buy over the krk rokit 8's