• hahaha raja you think too much, isnt it like 5am up your end??!

    Its morning and im in work in scotland!?

  • keep in mind there's 100 arc's in the first run (50 of each variant) and Brian said he'd do another batch if the first sells out quickly (and it almost certainly will). So I wouldn't get too stressed out about it. There should be a decent # of arc's out there by summer.

  • @Str8JacketAviator

    I think you're making good and valid points.

  • Is it possible to have "double click" on the arc? Then this could bring up a third function to the dial rotation?

  • @n1n0

    this is pretty easy, using the timer object in max.

  • yes, you could write a patch to detect double-clicks. this is an under-used approach on the monome grids as well.

  • @tehn - "this is an under-used approach on the monome grids as well."

    jeez you aren't kidding, this could really ease and increase productivity

  • very cool. I haven't got too deep into max yet, but the arc sure has mind running wild and makes me want to further explore it.

  • That arc parts photo looks like the surface mount components on the prototype are hand soldered... at least in some places.

    I'd love to watch the pick and place machine put that ring of parts on.

  • the parts shown are fully hand soldered.

  • surface mount hand solder ninja skills!

  • Those rural upstate New York child slaves have small fingers and good eyes, their pretty good at surface mount stuff.

  • well, brian has a whip with spikes on it. they better be good, or else.

    all kidding aside, i love you guys.

  • re: multi press

    here's a patch i used in the ffflux app that detects a number of sequential presses, up to 5. presses with no more than 500 ms in between are counted which then sends a bang to the press count's corresponding output.

    i used it for 5 different sets of randomizations but this can certainly be applied voraciously and expanded upon to get tons of add'l functionality.

  • I just saw the video for the arc for the first time on the main page. I was so in awe I completely forgot about my sitting position whilst it was on. When it finished I stood up and promptly fell over in to my wardrobe..
    Good Job Brian and Kelli!!

  • engadget just found the arc.

  • yikes. not going to read the comments.

  • I just read that engadget article.

    I don't understand why people do that. Instead of just explaining what it is and what it does and leave it at that, people always feel like the need to attack things when they don't have any previous knowledge on what is really going on.

    Let the haters hate.

  • I've always liked this quote, misattributed to Herbert Spencer:

    There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is, contempt prior to examination.

  • @sketch - welcome to consumerism :P

  • i dont know if this has been asked, my apolgaise if so, but what was the inspiration for the name arc?

  • It's a wild guess but

    "In geometry, an arc is a closed segment of a differentiable curve in the two-dimensional plane; for example, a circular arc is a segment of the circumference of a circle. If the arc occupies a great circle (or great ellipse), it is called a great-arc."

  • serious? i presume the motion of the knob transcribing an arc had something to do with it :)

  • lol @ wild guess!

  • I am honestly super excited to see what software the community comes up with. cannot WAIT to play with one of these duders.

  • Usually I don't hang around forums or blogs because the way people approach each other with such animosity. Since I was young I always felt arguing was a bit useless at times because it's two people forcing their ideas upon the other, nothing new ever to be discovered. Here, I don't find much hostility or "arguing" in the sense of one attempting to force their idea on someone, rather there is a useful chiseling until a group finds the right answer and the goal is for everyone (mostly, when it can be).

    For the most part I'd like to say its great to be around such friendly level-headed people.

  • peter where have you been! loving bees dance with me ;)

  • It seems like the engadget crowd has actually been more level headed than the CDM readers

  • I finally got around to responding to the ludites on CDM... I even did some simple math I thought to share with you all here

    "The first run of the ARC is going to be 100 units. Lets say that the mark up (profit) of the unit is 50% (which is most definitely a ludicrous and untrue figure)… monomes entire profit for the run of 100 units is $32,500... not really that impressive of a sum. I would go as far as to say that this would not even be enough money to physically pay Brian and Kelly for the time and energy they have put into the device."

  • @thealphanerd,

    this is especially worth recognizing/mentioning, considering how many of the critics, judging by their tone, seem to believe that brian and kelli have no housing and living expenses, don't need to sleep, subsist on oxygen (and perhaps morning dew?), and would like nothing better than to make (seemingly) expensive controllers as a perverse practical joke to irk "pragmatic" people who would never be "taken in" by their "elitist hype generating strategies".


  • champagne filled gold hot tubs all the way!

  • Price point aside, I would rather give my money to individuals who are living and manufacturing by standards and values in line with my own than some faceless executives at huge multinationals (Akai, Novation, Korg, etc.)

    Why are people so hung up on price? How about getting hung up on what something is worth to you? I don't have a cell phone, so I figure my gs128 is equivalent to about a year's worth of cell phone bills. Worth it? You bet!

    (Maybe this year's imaginary non-cell phone savings will go toward an arc.)

  • there are some very short-sighted commentators on CDM. if they want to they can buy some cheap mass-produced encoders. that is not what monome is about - these are small-run, lovingly crafted and ethically manufactured controllers with infinitely more creative potential than the cheaper alternatives. considering the production values of tehn & kelli they are fairly priced.

    which other controller producer has a community like monome's producing open source applications of this diversity and quality? there's a reason for this.

  • @knecht,

    reminds me of kahlil gibran's great phrase:

    "work is love made visible"

  • i want to race gold plated tanks around the monome farm! firing nothing but glitter made out of diamond shavings! since it is obvious the outcome, tehn, after you reach the 500 billion price point, can you fly all of us to your newly acquired island in the bahamas to make this race a reality? i'm waiting on my rooftop for my plane now!

  • @antiphon

    So that's why you're antiphon :-)

  • I've had this abstraction for double clicking for a good while.


  • @plopp: In part, yes!

  • updated new one

  • You're too nice.

  • Just a thought about arc and apps: while it's true there will be a dearth of apps initially, I doubt that will remain true for very long. And as far as only having a few apps available goes (for those like me who have yet to learn to write their own), is that really an issue? I got my first 64 a year ago this month and there are far more juicy apps I have yet to explore in depth than those that I know well. So even if there are only a couple of arc apps for the first few months I could get lost in those alone. Hell, just the micro-looper in tehn's demo video could keep me occupied for a long while.

    That's saying I can score an arc and score the cash to fund it. ;-]

  • I have the full version of Max/MSP, but (as I know absolutely nothing about programming) I've never really tried to make a patch in it.

    Since I'm extremely interested in the arc (specifically the arc2), I had a use for it in mind: using it as a controller for 4 channel volumes in Ableton live.

    I know I sound like a noob, but if someone could start me off with the code for something like this, it would be awesome. I've been looking at Raja's code for a simple volume controller, but I'm not really sure where to even start programming the LED feedback.


    Picture of concept attached by the way.

    800 x 500 - 193K
  • @ella-G - just to get this out of the should do the tutorials under help in MaxMSP. for really reals. there is precious little short term help in this suggestion, but so much long term help. If you are REALLY sure you don't want to patch except for this ONE thing, you should just ask for the patch. otherwise... OFF TO THE TUTS! (you don't need to do them all. i did not do them all.)

    then mess around with the max for live tutorials. (again, you don't need to do them all)