upcoming monome 256/128/64

  • Will the wood for this new monome be black, or regular walnut?


  • black walnut, same source locally from central penn

  • will we see a grayscale 256 in the future?

  • @tehn

    I noticed that there are no prices for the walnut units... is there going to be a change in price?

  • same pricing as before.

    gs256 is tentative. we may take "sponsor" pre-orders to get the expensive base enclosure tool made.

  • thank you for the information, and congratulations on the upcoming releases and new Arc device! this community is proud of itself and your and kelli's hard work!

  • @tehn thanks for the info. i'll pass on the walnut 256 and wait for the gs version.

    is it possible to disclose how many "sponsors" are needed to get the tooling made? seems like the majority are for the walnut...but there has to be a few other die hards holding out for black silicone & white lights :P

  • without due research (so take this with a grain of salt) we'd probably need 10-20 dedicated pre-orders. people willing to wait 2-3 months before delivery. we typically hate asking this of people. we'd then need to have some assurance that there would be some additional people after those 10-20 to want the remainder of the batch (batch of 50 for example) so we weren't stuck with huge unpaid production costs.

  • Noob here: What was the original pricing of the 256? I want to say $1400?

    edit: Did four seconds of research and found out that it is, in fact, $1400.

  • I'll take anything 256. It could be made out of hen's teeth and nutmeg. Whatever.

  • Hm. Suppose I'll keep saving / selling things off and see what happens, but I'm tempted to wait for the grayscale.

  • Chris Aiello! The supplier of my first monome. Been following your soundcloud, man. Not too many updates as of late! :-(

  • thanks for the straight goods @tehn :) hopefully by limiting the latest walnut 256 edition to 50 units there will be enough demand for a gs256 by mid-year.

    and yes, count me in as another dedicated pre-order!

  • Not wanting to be a pita...

    5 days till sale date. Pics?

  • true. working on that.

  • am i right by saying this will be the same as the 256 one-off that darkseeker bought?

    whilst minor physical changes, the thing was stunning.

  • correct. slightly redesigned usb side hole.

    that said, the circuitry is entirely redesigned, the protocol is new, and there are some extended capabilities that i'm trying to figure out how to explain and prepare for.

  • Don't make any more. :p

  • ooo sounds interesting! any chance we'd be able to update our previous 256's for same functionality?

    If not no biggie!

    I look forward to seeing them indeed!

  • I'm in for a new walnut 256. Love the solid material.

    I think it's fair to say at this point that I'm sticking with the monome long term.

  • Going for one! Will be my first walnut.

    Excited to see what extended capabilities tehn needs to explain and prepare for!

  • 16 levels of LED brightness??

  • That would be life-changing.

  • I just bought a 2009 256 :(

    Hopefully I didn't screw myself over

  • part of our goal is to make any improvements to new units available as a firmware/hardware upgrade to older units.

    that said, we still have some testing to do. inconclusive for now.

  • How are the pad sizes on the new monomes? Are they the same size as the gs's?

  • same as gs and previous walnut.

  • thanks for the info brian! ill look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • "part of our goal is to make any improvements to new units available as a firmware/hardware upgrade to older units."

    I think this is a really really good thing. Monomes income is by a loyal group of people who love their products. Make them feel like they are a big community ('cos they are) and don't screw them over.

    All hail tehn.

    ps. wow what a suck up post...

  • y'all seen the mainpage announcement ;)

  • so, the front page says there's felt in the new series as well.. where does that fit in?

  • i'm curious about the felt too. and will this new series ship with one of kelli's prints?

  • Also, no tilt for the 64 and 128?

  • I believe that since it is solid body it doesn't have the slip pads that the original series had... as such felt is supplied to avoid slippage

  • oh the rubber on the bottom? that makes complete sense.

  • Please please please please please per-led brightness!

  • I have never experienced an orange button monome in person. What picture shows an accurate representation of the button color? The arc led color is more on the yellow end while the 512 and "edition of one" seem more red. Just curious.

  • @revenant I was wondering the same thing but figured I'd wait and see.

  • the arc proto has slightly more yellowish LEDs. we've located some LEDs that match the original walnut series.

    sometimes the photos turn out red-looking, but they're very orange.

    felt isn't glued on or anything, it's simply a mat.

    correct, no tilt on these. it'll be available as an inexpensive install-it-yourself upgrade in a couple months.

  • this is for tehn definitly want a 256 is the 256 u just annouced bus powered and if so should i wait for a gs 256 or buy a walnut

  • also my trial period for max 5 ran out today do i now have to buy it

  • @mono01

    It IS bus powered, as indicated in the announcement. Buy this one if you want one soon, because you know when it's coming out for sure. Grayscale might come out middle of the year.

    And you can use the free max runtime to run applications without editing them.

  • just a random question what size of monome do u have and what program are u using

  • sorry so many questions were u able to get life/sleep to work cant get to work
    its the virtual machine appears to be hanging if click abort then it says dac has no input am new to mini audicle and wondering can i run this in terminal and if so how

  • @mono01 - if you have a look on the forums and google for answers to your questions, this thread is "Latest Release" specific and gets confusing when the thread goes off path.

    EDIT: Hope that didnt sound nasty.

  • Yes, search the forum for answers, and you won't even have to ask. It only takes a moment.

  • @tehn

    I suspect this is an unnecessary request (you're likely just as excited to share details ASAP as we are to hear them), but with the sale date mere days away it would be great to learn a little more about the "extended functionality" that's been introduced in this new series revision.

    So get your remaining testing done and deal up the goods! ;)

  • I'd like to say that, though I'm usually cool as a cucumber, I'm physically excited to have in my hands a new walnut 256.

  • the "new thing" is somewhat complicated, so i'm ensuring i can commit to it. will know by this evening.

  • @tehn
    is Kelli doing prints for this series?