Show your Setup Photos *w/ monome*

  • Hey pauk,
    are you having fun with your MD?

  • so me and my girlfriend is crashing at her sisters place and have been rehearsing for our gig saturday =)

  • been wanting to post up since the thread started, but i had all my equipment scattered around the house. just recently got a sweet table, so now everything is in one place =D

    2048 x 1536 - 1M
    2048 x 1536 - 1M
  • Mush is that a stribe project next to your 128? If so I like who you put them at an angle, gives it a lil steeze. Do you have a build thread on that?

  • I need to stop posting, then researching and finding:

  • @Abbott

    It is not a stribe, but using similar touch-strips. Mine are however without LED-feedback, but with pressure sense. You can read about it and see it in action here:




    check out the vinyl mousepad

  • @kristoffer are you using yamaha stagepas P.A's as monitors?!

  • @Kristoffer: Another Faderfox user. Sweet!

  • @deanjkd

    haha you reconized it huh;) haha. yeah its just really temp. i do all my mixes an my dt770 headsett. still not super but pretty decent, i know them really well now so it works. but when composing sometimes you just need some air around your ears =) so you get my deal ? :D

    yeah. the funny thing is a really didn't like it at first, almost sold it a couple of times, but then started using it again and now i really love it. just use it manually mapped, turn off the script and start the knobs up deafult in efx1.
    great controller.

  • how about this for a workstation?

  • here is my setup. hoping to add a monome 256 to my little collection.

    2048 x 1536 - 1M
  • hey everyone, here's a few pics of the current setup. i saw some discussion a few posts back about end cheeks from for the machinedrum/elektron boxes. i'd like to second (or third) the recommendation for them, they're awesome. stephen, the guy that runs it, is a long time friend of mine as well and is a great dude. you'll see the custom green ones on my machinedrum in the pics. it's a simple thing but really makes the machine much more of a joy to work with. he also has some great modular synth racks and things like that.

    1280 x 960 - 890K
    1280 x 960 - 833K
    1280 x 960 - 830K
  • @phortran
    nice CD on the counter!

  • Here is my little 64 looks tiny!!

    2592 x 1552 - 894K
  • .....and also one of my monitors, with minimal soundproofing....and a gratutious Lego shot as i am a total nerd!! ;-)

    2592 x 1552 - 927K
    2592 x 1552 - 993K
  • So heres my Live Rig.

    Pretty simple, although Im looking at a desktop synth like Paia's Fatman, or something of that nature. thought about the shruti-1 and the meeblip,
    but fat man seems more tactile.

    Ive got a Motif6 but thats more of a studio instrument.
    And while I am a pianist, playing a synthesizer (edit: Live) bores me.

    Though Im hoping to do a piano/monome album/string of gigs in the near future.

  • @phortran, hey what is that CD that i see on your desk? looks like a good one ;)

  • ^ and I just realized I already posted that
    I am ashamed.

  • @flplsx

    i'm enjoying it!!


    if you don't know i'm not tellin! :) great work man, i really like it.

  • @phortran heh, thanks. so glad you are enjoying it.

  • awesome to see all these set up shots. here's my contribution.


    3280 x 474 - 339K
  • @ MVDL: Sick set up yo. I wish I had nice furniture and room. One day...

    For now I have to do what I can with a double in an off-campus college house.

    Will post pics soon.

  • Now with red Rokits

  • This is a pared down version of my setup that I brought home from school for winter break. Pretty compact and to-the-point. Let's see how my parents feel about the Rokit 6's.

    734 x 979 - 143K
    819 x 614 - 130K
  • ok so i cut the corner of my table and fit my speaker stand in there...

    2048 x 1536 - 1M
  • Monome, blofeld and a cup of spanish red wine. A inspirational setup...

  • Lots of awesome setups here!

    @modulargrey how do you like your manta?

  • The simple, bedroom, setup.

  • im fasting from facebook. can you attach it here?

  • this is Active's(hehe oops) setup not mine.

    i'll get a pic the next time i get a jam going. i like to have group jams with each person focusing on a different "instrument"

  • @thelaughingman: actually, that's my setup. thanks! i should start avoiding facebook too, sorry watson!

  • ^
    Those kind of look like my beyerdynamic headphones.... am I right?

  • Oi! Dt770. I love them! Might up grade to the 880 for studio and have these for live engineering.

  • -MacBook
    -Alesis M1Active 520 USB Monitors
    -CME UF5
    -Behringer Xenyx 802
    -Vestax PMC-25
    -Technics SL-1200
    -GS 64
    -Bin :)

  • Nice, panorama. How affluent are you getting with the MPD32? I still need to put more effort in to maximizing mine.

  • @TheLaughingMan:
    rest assured he is a ninja!

  • i really like this thread.
    not so much 'cos of all the nice expensive gear, but more the esthetics of all the different setups

  • haha cheers trent!

    i use it 100% of the time i'm producing... just waiting for mlrv 2.0 to come out so i can rewire in ableton and jam with my 64 and MPD together! cannot wait for a working rewire! haha

  • @gala He must be, coming from the master of the ninjas!

    @panorama Very cool. What kind of setup are you using with it? Effects, beats, scene launch, or everything?

    I've seen a few people, i.e. Nosaj Thing, using their MPD's in ways I can't really fathom. Any insight on good use would be awesome. I get overwhelmed with the possibilities.

  • one side of my room (:

    2592 x 1552 - 607K
  • eyez spyz /mash :)

  • @woofy
    Sweet enclosure man!...

  • @laughingman

    I'm really only a monome noob, although I've had my MPD for awhile (was my first production tool). Watching Nosaj Thing rockin' the MPD makes me want to cry... dudes like him and Flylo are on another level. But after some close inspection the way they use it isn't all the complicated.

    I actually only started creating my live set a few hours ago! I'm using LiveControl in Ableton to launch clips of my own beats and other tracks, my clips being separated onto 6 faders as 6 different sections of each of my tracks, while the other two faders are used for mixing in/out other peoples music.

    The 8 knobs are then assigned to effect parameters, and my pads either launch one shots (haven't actually figured out how to do that yet :P) or turn effects on and off... not too different from Nosaj, just with a monome :D

    Soon enough I'll have everything figured out just the way I want it, as I'm only in the early stages!

    How are you utilizing yours?


    your monome is the dopeness!

  • so far the only thing i've used the mpd32 for is effects in Ableton

    i think with the added functions of mlrv 2.0 my setup will change drastically.

    this is kinda what i have envisioned:

    apps running: Ableton, pages, mlrv 2.0, and possibly soyuz040(unless there is a better sequencer that's not M4L)
    monome and mpd32 running mlrv 2.0
    monome for chopping and sampling via mlrv and soyuz040 for instrument tracks(i.e. sequencing bass lines and leads)
    mpd for making the beats sampled into mlrv
    mpd faders/knobs controlling effects in Ableton and mlrv

    for the most part, i don't like planning out my jams. everything is in the moment. mostly because i don't have much direction, i'm still trying to learn and get a setup i enjoy. i think once i get something i like and can use easily i'll start making pre-planned samples and using those and maybe eliminating the need for a sequencer.

    i still have yet to figure out pages tho. one day i'll sit down when i have all my homework caught up and really focus on ironing out my setup.

  • @n1n0 the Manta is awesome, I'm starting to like the format and layout better than a traditional keyboard (it's almost more guitar fret like) and hooking up the touch sensors to things, like say cutoff on a synth, really gives what you are playing more depth and expression. Also being able to set up your own scales and such is handy. I'm using Mantamate in m4l for the software end.

    Working on a track now where I play a 64 using Press cafe with my left hand and the manta playing bass with my right.

  • just set up all my gear after having to move

  • 'Ello darlin's

    I'm in the midst of a composing binge for my 2nd year project, a performance with Monome 512, V3 controller, wooden flutes and a Epoc Emotiv neural interface (the last two are off cam).

    Its a glorious visual cacophony, a working space. I make mess and sit in the middle of it.

    Yee Haw!

  • Tools to make sleepsongs

    xor+nordmodular + Sansula + Melodica. (:

    1024 x 768 - 171K
  • I'm just starting out, so this is my barebones setup. Probably the only things I'll add are sub-$100 studio speakers, a nanoKontrol, and an MPD18. Maybe an external audio interface. For now, I make do with these:

    Monome: secondhand kit-built 128
    Piano: Yamaha Nocturne
    MIDI: E-mu 1x1 USB-MIDI
    Muse: Tux, the Linux penguin

    - Also -
    Terrible headphones
    Misc. wooden objects
    Purple duct tape

    1280 x 719 - 129K