mlrv 2.2 [new version]


    shipping february 1st, 2011 @ 12:00 AM EST

    please enjoy

    please post bugs here:

  • oh boy oh boy


    try constructive criticism, or thanking them for a free dope product.

    complaining is a bit unwarranted, you troglodytes.

    mlrv2.0 track:

  • that release party vid is funny. congrats on the release guys. wish i could be there. come to the monomeet.

  • i am so excited. so so excited. i share watson's sentiments: wish i could be there (but cannot, alas), & hoping you'll be at the monomeet (on the same day as the arc release! mad happenings in the monosphere).

  • shit looks dope

  • massively excited about this :D

  • just tossed some money into the bucket :D... can already think of some awesome ways to utilze the new OSC implementation

  • payment sent.

    can't fucking wait.

  • Same here :D

  • :D:D:D
    Can't spend any money now but if would I could :)
    February 1st is going to be a good day!!

  • money sent :) - hey Trent you should bring % and Tehn to Wide Open Space too! ;-)

  • contribution sent, thanks dudes.

  • More than happy to pay for this!
    Trent came over to test it out on my launchpad and blew me away. I can see launchpads becoming super sought after super soon!

    in other news, just finished my custom launchpad

  • yo, can i make beatz wit dis?

  • Poor Launchpad owner and longtime mlrV fan here just donated..

    2.0 looking gooood!

  • hehe human readable.

  • i had my cat reading/editing my preset files before, he was pretty unreliable so this looks perfect!


  • Looks great. ££ sent.

  • Oh wow. This looks like it could be the be-all end-all of all the stuff that I want to do with a monome, 'cept for polygome/piano-like playback. Who knows, maybe it can do all that AND sample the kitchen sink while it's at it. It even has built-in MIDI mapping, which I've been wanting to sink my teeth into.

    This thing is basically everything I've wanted to do that always seemed to require a heavyweight DAW with a learning cliff. But it just needs Max/MSP? Amazing!

    That's it, I'm buying a grid controller now. No more waiting. Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

    (Edit: I didn't know there was a TouchOSC app for Android. I can hook up my phone to mlrv! Sweet!)

  • This is great.
    For me as a monomeless(read poor, sad, beggin) person, I like how it's described as a grid-controller software, not just a software for the monome. But what I don't see how you are supposed to use it with the mpd? i might have missed something. But I wont miss this release!

  • Looks brilliant, midi mapping too, can't wait! Donation sent :D

  • jesus, all that work on the UI inside max/msp!

    you guys are patient as hell!

    i want to donate but i can't do shitting google checkout.........

  • Payment sent. Can't wait.

  • My ££s are on their way. Looks amazing, genuinely cannot wait. Particularly excited about preset management, could never seem to get that working in the original mrlv...

  • "and at the very least appear to be doing something interesting."


  • this. is. very. yes.

  • Can't wait to see the first mk kit with colour coded LEDs for mlr groups. Too late for my kit but it would be super intuitive but a little inflexible.

  • Great. Can't wait either !

    What's your Paypal address guys? Will donate as soon as I get a new job. :)

  • fully supported! (emotionally and financially)

  • mad respect!

  • Payment sent. Wish I could be there for the release!

    Awesome work, guys.

  • 2.0 looks amazing!!!

    contribution sent and well deserved!

  • looks extremely nice. can't wait. i also think i will donate.

  • yes, can't wait to delve into this!

  • I'm disappointed. It's not called ssmlrv.

    (great work guys! see ya in a few days)

  • Congrats to everyone who worked on this. Looks like a work of art and a landmark piece of software.


    Different devices supported simultaneously?!?

    Q. Is it possible to use 2 different 8x8 "grid controllers" as a single 16x8 controller? i.e. mix a mk64 and launchpad for example.

  • Impressive work guys. If it can take midi from the mpd/launchpad would that also mean you could use something with less than 4x4 like an octapad or nanopad? If so this is an amazingly happy day for me. Thanks

  • will donate as well. outstanding.

  • Donation sent! cant wait for this guys! UI looks awesome!

  • prepare for fame guys!

    i cant pay via google checkout for some reason?

    We were unable to process your request."

    Ive never tried so hard to give someone my money.

  • Donation made :-)

    Looking forward to this.

  • App looks really great! nice work, will donate.

    Question, if the release party is tehn % galapagoose, whats the other 90 % ?

  • @n1n0 hahaha i like what you done there.

    goy payment through eventually, never made such a satisfying purchase of software.

  • It is amazing to see how many people are contributing!!!!

  • I can fap to this!

    Donating and see you Feb 1st.

  • @n1n0 - bruce willis!

  • Gonna try to be there next Tuesday, but last boat leaves pier 11 at 10pm, so it'll be an early one for me. Hopefully see you all then.

  • kelli and i have to drive back that night so i'll be fighting for a true 8pm opening.