mlrv 2.2 [new version]

  • Woooot! I wish I had not bought stuff yesterday at Guitar Center, or I'd be a benefactor. Supporter is ok for now. This looks so dope guys!


  • thanks everyone for the huge showing of support so far · · · hope to see y'all at the launch party next week!

  • @ % - only if you're doing a UK party as well!!!!

    Seriously though, What's the chances of being able to broadcast the performances so we can all be there in spirit!?!?!

  • donation and thank yous sent.

  • @Alphanerd - that's the word I was searching for!!

  • Just donated. And depending on how much p*ssy mlrv gets me, I shall continue to donate on a quarterly basis.

  • fyi: just added paypal as a payment option, for those who wish not to use google checkout.

    @gaubie — thanks & lemme know how that works out for you!

    @steveoath — i'm pretty sure we'll be capturing hd video of the release party, but i'll see about streaming, dunno if it's possible at the venue.

  • I might have missed this somewhere in another thread, but does ssmlrv already have somekind of arc implementation??!!

  • im real curious about the pad controller support. (padkontrol here)
    we can have 15 samples on a 256 + 16 samples on the pads? all questions will be answered in a few days i suppose

  • yes! donated and very excited, looks amazing. Filtered delays and OSC support, yay!

  • Donated as well. Amazing effort here.

    I've never been much of an mlr guy, but maybe it's time to reconsider. =)

  • Jaw-dropping!! Donation sent!

  • My mission for tonight - build a touchOSC perfect for accompanying mlrV 2.0

    Can i ask what is midi mappable?

    Can control volume levels and accelorometer + more. Fun fun fun

  • accelermlrating.

    sent donate

    have fun in nyc

  • @SolidMaster — maybe???

    @elquinto — yes, all questions will be answered soon. to be honest, i haven't personally used it with a padcontrol, but the logic should be the same as an mpd / whatever else.

    @Str8JacketAviator — maybe??? might be a while. (edited)

    @dean — everything!

    @rawore — thanks, yo! oh how i miss the pacific northwest; it just snowed like two feet here.

  • donation sent!

  • @ % - awesome mate!

  • @%

    Good news on the vinyl... I almost broke and dropped the 80 just for the 7"... but I have to be reasonable with my budget cause I spend all my monies on buttons (and soon encoders)

    But hopefully I'll be able to contribute in more ways than just financial... I have some great ideas for external objects that can work with ssmlrV in the background...

    Quick question... I heard a birdy (or more accurately a dove) say they were designing plug ins for mlrV2.0


  • @thealphanerd — vinyl is for benefactors only, it'll be a while before we end up offering any stock we have left for individual sale.

    plugins are possible via the 'tab' framework along the righthand side of the mlrv interface. we're working to make this a pleasant experience for the user, more details later.

  • Donated! Thanks for being so awesome guys

  • thanks, raj! we got them pressed @

  • threw in on the supporter tip, if i throw any more money at records, i'll never end up replacing my broken turntable, and then where would i be? Good luck folks, very keen to see this come out!

  • Much love and appreciation! AMAZING WORK!
    Donation made. Framing the record boo boos. :)

  • donation sent! sooo stoked for this

  • Supporter contribution sent. Thanks so much for this. My 128 is squirming with excitement, while I'm just sitting here like a dumb box!!!!!!!!!

  • This is urmaaaaaaazing, exactly what i've been looking for

  • wow i'm so excited for this! definitely gonna give some money for all the hard work and dedication. i've been using mlr 2.51+ and haven't really dug into mlrv much but just opened it back up and am falling in love with what i'm doing with slice mode.

    is it compatible with 2 monomes? (256 and 64) for fx, levels, etc?

  • just donating now
    i'll show my boobs if i can have it now

  • Contribution sent. I have a feeling that's the best $18 I've spent in a long time!

  • this is gonna be so sick.

  • Im glad i donated, I would have just spent that money on beer! this is way more productive. Thanks in advance for many hours of super fun!

  • ordered and stoked!

  • donated - great work!

  • makes me wish i had a turntable...

  • Holly molly. Can't wait

  • Donated! Looks great. Can't wait.

  • these guys deserve a little donation...

  • Hi,
    just donated via paypal (only supporter I am afraid) but I really value your work.

    Thank you


  • ooooops, looks like propellerhead software owns the trademark on 'hypersampling' (who knew?) and they nicely asked us to change it. new buzzword ideas? GO!

  • uber-sampling!

    cannot wait to sink my teeth (or fingers?) into this beautiful uber-sampling software!

  • just added to the richly deserved pot of donations. fabulous capabilities.

    reactive sampling, intellegent sampling...

  • Grid-grinding

  • Hypergrooving ;)

    Spice things up

  • Ha, gain per row !

  • @%

    SuperSecretHypersampling :)