MPC application for Monomes

  • Hey guys,

    I've been holed up in my house somewhat intermittently working on an MPC style program for all of our various hardwares. I'm at the point where it's about to come together, so I wanted to post to see if anyone had any feature requests, and/or thoughts on how to improve upon the mpc interface.

    My main goal in making it was to make it fun to use like the mpc but also better than an mpc (Larger interface, faster editing, more sound countrol). Any thoughts? I'm really excited about it, it'll be done pretty soon, so if you have any thoughts, i'd love to hear them.


  • excellent idea - i'm an MPC fan. (mpc1000 with the JJOS for any other MPC geeks on here)

    Are you thinking of one shot samples assigned to each pad then? Or lots of the extra functions? I think "note repeat" would be an essential feature to include.

  • what platform?
    is this a sequencer, a sample trigger array, or perhaps both?

  • @peter
    Hey this sounds interesting! Hmmm feature requests you ask? might help if you describe what you have implemented so far or if you have the ability to record a quick video tour.

    I'm curious, since MPC pads are velocity sensitive and Monome pads are not, do you have a way to go back and edit the velocities of the notes?

    Also, one of the things I like about the MPC interface is you can record a bunch of patterns to various "slots", and then go into pattern mute mode and mute/unmute the looping patterns with the pads themselves. This is great for layering/unlayering different parts for live arrangement during performance. So unmuting a pattern could light up the corresponding pad, and muting a pattern would darken the pad.

    Also with the newer MPCs it will break apart and auto map samples across all 16 pads automatically which is really nice. MLR does this on a per row basis. Something similar with your would be great.

    Thanks for your efforts and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • sounds awesome...I would love to see it come together.

  • oh sweet glorious 'Note Repeat'!

    i like the simple wave editor in the MLR 3 preview and your 64step. maybe somehow incorporating Flin's style of beat play?

    oof! i'm definitely excited about this.

  • > Also with the newer MPCs it will break apart and auto map samples across all 16 pads automatically which is really nice.

    If it did this over a variable range (for instance 64, 128 or 256... what a surprising sample set), i would be stoked. it would be really cool for micro glitch kinda stuff as well as loading in 4+ measure samples.

  • awesome. all good points.

    In answer to the general question, I've implemented a sort of miniature mpc already.. I have a basic sequencer and a pretty well implemented sample editor.

    the pattern mute is a good idea. i forgot about that part. i think that's totally feasible. what's note repeat? could you describe it in more detail? also, what is jjos for the 1000?

  • oh and the platform is max/msp.

  • note repeat retriggers the note every 16th/32nd clock tick while a pad is held.
    (at least that is what i gathered)

  • note repeat is a kind of stuttering effect.

    Basically when you hold down the note repeat button (which acts like a shift button) and then hold down one of the pads (with a sample assigned), the pad retriggers the sample again and again until you release that pad or the note repeat button (monophonically - ie the samples do not layer up - it just keeps on jumping to the beginning of a sample). You can specify how often you would like it to retrigger that sample (16ths, 8ths, etc.)

    To get an idea of what it would sound like, just press one pad repeatedly in mlr at equal intervals!

    It gives you a kind of 'Endtroducing' style beat repeat.

    i'll explain the JJOS later, but that's something entirely different!

  • here's a brief video demonstrating 'Note Repeat':

    at about 1:09 he gets into it. it isn't the most thorough look at Note Repeat but you can at least get an idea.

  • Aww i'm looking forward to this app :-D i had an MPC1000 for christmas but i'm still curious about this.

    Only one thing i was holding for was mlr style row looping but with one shot rows of samples...

    note repeat is a must!

  • ok, got it. that's pretty cool and super easy...

    I am planning on giving it an mlr style playback bar on the bottom or maybe top row, so you can have a 1 - 16 bar sequence and move around in the sequence, is this what you mean mrlee?

  • sound great!
    you making me curious any ideas when you will have a rough version?

  • it might be a week or two, i'm burning through it as fast as i can because it's been in my brain for way too long but other duties call. you know how it goes.

  • The JJ OS, not that it is important to anything here but just to answer your question, is an unnofficial operating system that a bunch of Japanese coders wrote for the MPC 1000 (for the 2500 too I believe) that gives it a great deal of the functionality that Akai couldn't fit in - they listened to the gripes of 1000 owners and responded. Hooray for clever people.

    their homepage is here:

    though clearer explanation of it can be found here: - basically the bible for MPC owners.

  • This is exiting! just got my 128 -im an mpc owner and trying to go full 128 exclusive with Laptop only. is this going to be a max/asp app or will it require outboard gear.???

    Also does anyone know of just a simple monome sample player in max/asp or even bidule? like REALLY simple like drag on to monome keys in the GUI?

    or am i being laughed at cuz i need to DIY???!!!

  • any word on this peter?

  • I'm working on patches which closely integrate the MPC1k and monome 128.

    I'm not really sure what you are trying to achieve though, everything that is good about the MPC (essentially jamming the pads live with a nice velocity response) can't be achieved or replicated on the monome.

  • Not an MPC but fun none-the-less

  • mpc2000 max patch here:

    i don't have one, and i've not played around with it, so i don't really know what i'm doing - but maybe someone could adapt it?

    i'm currently working on an mlr-style note repeat app - it works - but it's far from being finished and as i've only just got my monome, the finished version could be a while.

  • > Not an MPC but fun none-the-less

    unreleased software ftw

  • what i did was have a group of buttons that act together as a "slider", and whatever level they are at is the velocity that is used for new beats that are entered. if you want to change the velocity of an existing drum hit, pressing and holding a certain button along with the button corresponding to the selected drum sound changes the velocity as the beats are played back. it doesn't take much longer to build up velocity varying beats this way, and you also get the grid programming thing so it's better than an mpc in the end. i put vids up in the usual places for anyone who wants to see what i'm on about.

  • Hey Peter,
    any progress on this one? i can't wait to check it out.

  • hey mapmap,

    I have in fact been working on it. as with any software you make with the intention of it being fun, the better it gets the harder it is to work on it with out just wanting to play it ;) super soon, this beast will be out. I think you guys will be happy with it. i hope!

  • yay! i'm sure it will be awesome

  • cant wait to check this out!

  • I can't wait :D

  • definitely want to check this out. more so, i'd like to check out whatever the hell peter's using in some of the videos i've seen...but i'll settle for this :) (sure it will be amazing, just like flip and step.)

  • i'm similarly eager to check this out.

    and also to cannibalize it into the rest of my setup =D

  • according to peters site ( it's going to be called "NPC 2000"
    so excited.

  • hey still working on random tweaks. I didn't realize how wierd note repeat is! or at least the way i made it work. but yeah, I wanted to pose a question to all the mpc'rs on the forum that use / know about jj os... what are it's advantages? any drawbacks? any general complaints about the mpc?

  • jjos2 lets you dive in better

    pitch adsr
    better velo sens.
    faster to scroll thru samples
    grid edit is better

    overall every aspect is heightened with jjos2

  • peter. have you checked this out?...
    maybe there is something in there that you can use.

  • just wondering...maybe you can also add in a function where u can hook up a line in and have the patch sample anything..for example a record off a turntable...and have it able to cut and assign to certain buttons like an mpc does

  • thanks mapmap, that's actually is really helpful.

    simcitizzon, i am going to include a rudimentary recording feature, and i have included the sample chop feature (up to 256 slices)

    also, chrisdurftal, can you link to the video you are talking about?

  • Nothing helpful to add, just that I would also be very interested in seeing this kind app come to fruition.

  • -> peter the same place as everyone else, vimeo. i made a whole monome music making system, all the demo vids are there. here's the drum sequencer:
    there is a little demo of the volume thing towards the end.
    it gained a whole load more features since i made the vid, including automatic remixing of patterns, live instrument mute, kit select and transpose, and playback method selection, for beat "glitching" and "delay" effects. oh yeah there's flam as well. and you can copy and / or extend patterns while looping. i could go on.
    i didn't include any mpc-style recording or chopping, my thing is purely drum machine style. i can imagine how the record thing might work though. it would look really tasty to have the input level rendered in the monome leds!

  • >> input level rendered in the monome leds

    that is getting implimented immediately!

    oh and thanks t1mp for the jjos rundown. i think some of that stuff will filter in laterz...

  • ha wicked, look forward to seeing that.
    don't forget the "threshold" control.

  • double bump.

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  • bump-bump-bump, bump-Bumpra Anne!

    i also would love to see this app come to life.

  • woahhhh woah woah...i want that 16 step sequencer by chrisdurftal!

  • drop that knowledge peter drop it right herr

  • yeah yeah, bump n grind.

  • things have been crazy but i'm trying to shoot for a october 1st deadline. things are pretty operational, but still feels kinda beta -y to me. I will give a shout asap, when i get it up on the site!


  • nice! october 1st is coming up!
    beta-y is better than nothing.