Anyone wanna trade some gear?

  • Just thought id start a thread for folk who might have some gear lying about that won't sell or they want rid off.
    Thought maybe some trading could be done.

    I have:

    - M-Audio 2X2 Midisport (Anniversary Edition) used once!
    - M-Audio Fastrack Soundcard

    - (SOLD)Novation Launchpad and sleeve(SOLD)
    - (SOLD)Behringer BCR2000(SOLD)
    - (SOLD)M-Audio Oxygen 8v2(SOLD)

    Anyone else?


  • Care to trade all of your listed gear for a mid 2008 black Macbook?

  • oooo sounds interesting, whats the specs and condition of the macbook?

  • OSX 10.6. 2.4 ghz cpu, 4gb ram, integrated intel graphics (runs source games fine under bootcamp) 150 GB HDD. The only issue is that the battery is dead. But it runs fine plugged in and you can grab replacement batteries on ebay, craigslist etc for pretty cheap (or just buy from apple). Also there are some vinyl stickers spelling out 01100010 on the case.

  • i aint a gamer so thats of no concern, id use it as a live laptop only - has this been tried and tested live? is it a 13'' screen yeah?

    Pics would be awesome man if you have them, are you in the UK?

  • DEAN! you where a pc boy!

  • It used to be my main computer for live performance. Usually running Ableton with Mainstage in rewire. So it worked fine for that. And it is the 13inch screen.
    Im in class right now :P so I can post up some pics later when I get back.

    The only issue I see is that Im in the US (Oregon). So shipping might end up being too costly. Im not too familiar with international shipping of electronics.

  • ahh i see shipping would probarly be into double figures for sending my gear to you, so unfortunetly it doesnt look likely we'll go ahead with this man, but keep the offer open someone in us might have things for trade!

    @Pauk - I am! i just need something smaller for live, you've seen the size of my 17'' laptop/monome/launchpad and BCR setup haha, its far too much :P
    Us PC brothers need to stick together in this mac world, i know :(

  • @01100010 if you'd like i can find out how much it will cost to post?

  • It's a bit of a long shot, but I've got a Nintendo DS Lite with the splendid Korg DS-10 Synth and a DSXtreme Homebrew cart, which I used for music apps like the DS Kaoss Pad). If it was of any interest I'd potentially be interested in swapping the lot (plus a couple of DS games that came with it) for the Launchpad.

    Likewise, if anyone else wants the DS I'd be interested in cash offers.


  • Not to hijack, but I have a novation nocturn thats only been used a few times. Any offers? Its the control surface w/o the keyboard.

  • Does anyone have a padKontrol or Akai MPD they'd be up for trading?

  • Ditto on a nocturn. I have one that I hooked up and used one time for about 20 minutes then reboxed. I was going to return it, but got caught up in the holidays and missed the window. Hit me up if you want to make an offer for cash or trade. :)

  • Bump - plenty of goods for trade here folks ;)

  • If anybody wants a Trigger Finger or a Behringer FCB1010 I'm happy to let them go... I imagine they would be a bit too expensive to ship though.

  • @anangel - forgive me if im wrong but your in austria right?

  • i was wrong damn v_v haha. Shipping shouldnt be too expensive too europe?

  • I guess! I never shipped anything outside of Italy. Interested?

    EDIT: actually, an ordinary packet can ship insured for about 10 euro.

  • was thinking about it but i think im gonna hold out for an mpd or padKontrol. Hopefully someone else will be interested though!

  • Anyone in Boston interested in a Kurzweil K2500RS and/or Roland A50? I'd put them up on ebay, but packing and shipping either isn't something I'd want to do.

    The Kurzweil has the KDFX option (R for rack S for sampler) and features 'live mode' which, among other things, allows you to 'play' (gate and transpose) live audio like a sampler, as well as processing through the powerful KDFX architecture.

    The A50 I'm not using - replaced it with a MIDIboard a few months ago. Very nice controller if you're looking for 76-key synth action. Has both wheels and Roland paddles and is amazingly svelte.

  • Hi....

    I'm Here in Belgium, but can ship everywhere:

    - Preamp Joemeek Twin Q
    - Preamp Amek (Neve Design) CIB
    - Tc Electronics Fireworx
    - Soundcraft K1 Mixing desk (Custom setup : 4 mic input, but 6 stereo line input loads of output: 4 groups - 6 Aux - 4 Matrix - and routing possibilities. Perfect for Daw summing, ...) + FlightCase
    This last is on ebay.

    - And maybe my Jomox T-Resonator.......

    If someone's interrested...



  • I have a novation zero sl mk I (only the controller, not the bundled software) used but in fine condition. Looking to trade for a korg kp mini og other fun (guitar) effects.

    EU resident

  • I have
    2 bibo buttonpad boards
    2 bibo logic boards
    2 bibo Flashed atmega

    Im in USA

  • i've got a novation sl mk II 25 key and a launchpad i'm looking to sell.

  • i got a future retro rev R2 for tradez and 2 glitchmachines and 1 circuitbent speak and spell with highly liquid midi mod

  • seeking: cwejman s1mk2, korg ms-20

  • Justin, how much are you after for the sl, and where are you based?

    david (at) summerrainrecordings (dot) net

  • I have an E-mu Command Station MP-7,

    looking for keyboard midi controllers or drum sequencers akin to the electribe series

    Willing to throw in some money as well depending.

  • @tehn
    :o Serious? Even Tehn is going analog. Can't wait to see what you do with an s1mk2. Good hunting.

  • i have a pair of behringer truth 1030A studio monitors i'm looking to get rid of. kinda hefty to ship but i'm not asking too much for 'em.

    might also be looking to trade for something. also got a behringer fca202 audio interface...

  • I'm selling a motu Ultralite, but I can change it for something similar USB instead of Firewire.
    in spain

  • I have an
    -academic copy of Live suite with Max for Live.
    -Mbox 3 pro w/ pro tools

  • @griot i want the live suite with max :( my trades are on the front if your interested...

  • Sorry man, I have equivalents of all of those. The launchpad is a little interesting, but only from a (if i had one, i could write for it) standpoint, for me.

    maybe a 3rd will want something i...that would be complicated.

    Sorry ...

  • dont be sorry chief!

    - glad this thread is taking purpose!

  • @____

    i have an electribe er-1 that i have been thinking about getting rid of lately would this be of interest to you?

  • that launchpad needs to be traded (nanokontrol, faderfox) or you also accept cash?

    edit: based in europe, italy, milano/ticino

  • I may have an Ensoniq ASRX (pro I think) and yamaha RM1X shortly (they're in my folks attic so need to dig them out).

  • @tehn: check out the muff wiggler for sale forums. you might get lucky over there...

  • @ooo i'm not actively seeking. more throwing a line out there...

  • @onitron I'd happily accept cash, I'm in uk so delivery isn't expensive either :)

  • @steve how much did you have in mind if you were to sell the ensonique sampler?

  • @SpeedR how much are you willing to sell for ? Please also quote for each part too!

  • @hlp - I'll double check and see if its the pro or standard version. But not really sure! Sensible offers? I'm UK btw and it is pretty heavy so postage may be pricey.

  • As mentioned elsewhere, I'm looking to swap my 2nd Walnut 64 for a Native Instruments Maschine if anyone's interested.

    Edit: I'm in the UK.


  • Uooo! Walnut 64! You want a motu ultralite??? :)

  • pauk you have so many buttons haha

  • I want more!!! O-O

  • hahaha dont we all? :D