• good afternoon puppies, here's a demo of a new patch i'm working on
    it's a max/msp midi cc looper based on the nodes object


  • oh very nice. I like the organic trailings...keen to see where this goes!

  • that's cute. could really be a nice companion app.

  • Keep working. Looks cool!!!

  • yeah, i like the style of dragging you use, i usually use a more focussed press, but i really like the response...

  • dragging is EXACTLY how i'd describe it too, inspired by peter's ( redisco track vids

  • A Tron lightcycle app!

  • with multitouch! It would be cool to have a behaviour that triggered whenever draglines intersect...

  • A 'derezzing' behaviour? Ha!

  • looks friggin killer! I wish my mk were more draggable

  • sorry in advance, but yeah..... button height could be a real drag

  • ugggghhhhhhhh

  • Awesome idea. Great looking app, but yeah. On my sparkfun buttons this would be useless :-(

  • @talks,

    On your sparkfun buttons, it would require different technique. Something along the lines of karate chopping your monome from various angles ought to work. That's its own kind of fun. Different, but not wrong. I don't think it's useless at all.

  • Neat! Sort of Kaosspad-like thing. Draw pretty pictures with lights. Save. Loop. Actually, this is kinda like what I and some other folks talked about doing with the arc awhile ago, sort of etch-a-sketch-ish.

  • this looks fabulous.

    are midi cc's mapped to the x and y axis like on a kaoss pad? can you map more than one cc to an axis (assuming that's how it works)?

    how close to a release are you?

  • @nightmorph
    arc2 + monome = etch-a-sketch

  • @gtz you're totally right, even though smaller, lower profile buttons are optimal, i think it can still def be useful on whatever.

    you can set the depress delay pretty long to make the trails stick for (relatively) ever, here's a screenshot of the readme.

  • @knecht

    it's based on the new "nodes" object that has been part of the official Max distribution since 5.1.6. trails users can have 1-8 nodes; a node is a movable, resizable, circular, 2d representation of a parameter you want to play. the closer you drag your fingers to a node's center the higher the value.

    so it get's kinda relational, depending on how many nodes you have enabled, their size and position. much interpolation. you could have 1 node which would be like one knob, 2 could be a crossfader of sorts or a whole slew.

    i'm just finishing up a m4l version, it' should be just a few more days....

  • @kramer

    sounds even better than i thought - now your user interface in the video you posted makes sense. i mentioned your app on the thread about konkreet labs performer for the ipad. i think trails does something very similar. i believe nodes could be utilised for an app i was thinking of for arc + monome, that i mentioned on the performer thread.

    i hope you're going to produce a straight max version of trails - my version of ableton doesn't include m4l.

  • very, very cool. Looking forward to this!

  • alright, it's ready.

    full max/msp and m4l versions, serialosc only, require max/msp 5.1.6+

    have fun

  • can't wait to try this out tonight - 2011 is proving to be a great year for apps, and we're only in feb...

  • i can't wait to try this either!

  • i'm going to have to wait a little longer...until serialosc for windows, hopefully not long now

  • I'm building something hopefully not too similar, based on the idea of volumetric changes. ie, keeping track of how many buttons are pressed, and using that to "inflate" parameters.

    I gave each button press a limited lifespan (parameters automatically "deflating" over time) to encourage more hand movement, and because this was originally inspired by the bellows of an accordion. The good news is, this change creates a sort of rudimentary speed measurement, which made the whole dynamic more exciting. Less "bellows", more "brush strokes" now. In fact, I'm able to detect (most of the time) when one stroke ends and the next begins. Which is great, but (once I figure out how to count each stroke separately) pushes the interaction even closer to what you've created here. These changes are making my app look exactly like yours on the surface.

    Worse yet, as I try to get other measurements (center of mass, direction of movement, etc) it strikes me that your node solution could save a lot of time. (At least in terms of "starting position selects parameter") So... my app might look like yours beneath the surface as well soon.

    Still very different goals and results, though. And maybe parts of mine will inspire features in yours.

    But, yeah. I can't try it yet either, 'cause I'm on Windows.

  • sounds cool, if i can dig up a monomeserial version that's worth a damn, i'll post it here later tonight.

  • see how this feels

    edit: deleted attachment, added monomeserial version 1.1 update to the docs/app/trails page

  • im getting lights on the monome, reaction in the patch window of the monome serial version but nothing is being seen from within live

    max 4 live version im getting response but its not able to connect with the monome, am i missing something??

  • @OneTwoOneTwo,

    In the Max app, make sure the drop-down under /trails has a MIDI output selected that you can receive from in Live. in Live, make sure that particular MIDI input has "remote" enabled. You may have to install something like MIDI Yoke if your system doesn't come with virtual MIDI cables. (If you're on a mac, search for "IAC" here in the forums)

    I can't really speak to the Max For Live version yet.

  • i need to get serialosc up and running and then i will report back.

  • @away message,

    If you're impatient, try the "monomeserial version" three posts above yours.


    Your work is remarkable. Hats off to you, sir!

  • @kramer - thanks for posting the monomeserial version, will try this evening.

    @greaterthanzero - like the sound of your bellows app.

  • I tried the serialosc version for a bit last night and it worked great. Thanks

  • @ralin & @gtz - thanks!!!

    what size grids are you using?

  • I'm using an 128. I think it defaulted to 128h when I loaded it.

    I don't think the app requires a larger grid size in any way, but it would serve the larger grids particularly well (being one of very few apps where it's not important to remember which button is which). And let's face it, this kind of light show on a 512 would be ridiculous. =)

  • true enough. ridiculous might be pretty sweet.

    still - i'd love to see waht it looks like on a 512 (or any size other than a 128 for that matter). in theory, it should work fine.

  • I was using "ridiculous" to mean over the top, extreme, mind blowing, etc. It'd be pure insanity, with bystanders looking on in stunned disbelief.

    So, yes. Pretty sweet!

  • serialosc was not working for me last night. i might give it ago again tonight

    *edit: thank you for the monome serial version.

  • this is super rad!

  • serialosc is up and running. connected to trails. time to play!!!

    i will report back soon.

  • @kramer

    tried the monomeserial version. the buttons light up and i can record loops of button presses but the level indicators don't change as i drag my finger closer to a node, the mapped cc value is not changing on the vst in ableton either. i have remembered to enable the cc values on the trails ui and to direct the midi to the correct place. i think o followed your instructions correctly. may have to wait for serialosc for windows.

  • @knecht

    try @gtz's recommendation to @one2one2 on page 1 of this thread.

    midi yoke....

  • @kramer

    i have the max and m4l version working with serialosc. this app is great. i have been having a lot of fun with it! amazing.

    questions: is it possible to adjust the size of the nodes circles? in the max version the three nodes you start off with take up the whole screen and are massive circles. the addition of nodes 4-8 are much smaller. in the m4l version node 1 (white circle) is huge and the other nodes are all small. are these circles adjustable in size?

  • option click should resize

    glad to hear it's being enjoyed.

  • option click + drag resizes.

    amazing app! check this out if you haven't!

  • @kramer

    ok - more of a feel for my problem now

    i can map a number of ccs to vst params and if i use the mouse with the ui i can see the levels moving as i drag the mouse around (and the vst params are updated) but when i use the monome, although the leds light the levels don't move. any ideas?

    also +/- don't allow me to change the number of nodes.

    click + drag to resize not working for me either.

    this is going to be great though as just moving the mouse about gives me an idea of its power.

  • that's weird, maybe a windows issue with the nodes object, i'll look into it. do the other keyboard shortcuts work? e.g. 1-8, A, C, T, spacebar, esc?

  • also - to resize it's option+click

  • @kramer

    what's option?

    everything else appears to work including all other shortcuts.

    note i'm on a laptop which does not have a the extra number keypad with its own +/-, i'm using 'shift -' and 'shift =' to get + and -.

  • i could be wrong but on windows option is alt

    and i would have thought that using shift as a modifier would bring up the right ASCII key number but it looks like it's not.

    what to do, what to do?

    i could build those controls into the UI