February: Crash course in Max/MSP, Handmade Music LA

  • Hey all,

    I thought I posted this already, and I was gonna bump it, but I can't find it in a search..

    Anyways, February has sorta become "music month" at CRASH Space LA this year. Why?

    - I'm teaching a [[http://blog.crashspace.org/2010/12/intro-to-maxmsp-programming-for-musicians/|workshop in Max/MSP]] from the 17th trough the 26th. It's a four class program, Thursday Saturday Thursday Saturday. It's intended for beginners. The curriculum covers the basics about objects and patchers, sound synthesis, sampling and if there's time, some networking and interfacing to external controllers.

    - That Saturday, the 26th is going to be LA's second [[http://blog.crashspace.org/2011/01/handmade-music-la-2/|Handmade Music]] event. In between the Max class and the performances, !* (bangsplat) is going to be hosting a [[http://bleeplabs.com/picopaso/|PicoPaso]] kit build where you can learn how to solder and make a pretty cool noisy instrument from Bleep Labs.

    - !* is also hosting a [[http://blog.crashspace.org/2011/01/bleep-labs-bit-blob-jr-kit-build-night/|Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr. kit build]] next Thursday. If you ask nicely, he'll probably also show you his [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/crashspacela/5409540343/|100h]]

    So, if you're in LA, come on out!

  • this is sooooo effed!!!!!! I want in!! I teach til 8 on thursday and from 11-5 on saturday bro!! I'm so pissed write now. Would you ever do a private maxmsp lesson??? what a bummer

  • digging crash space! I'm a level two for the time being! Very cool man:)

  • @soundcyst

    is there still room in the max/msp workshop?

  • I don't know how accurate it is, but the store says there are currently 8 slots remaining.

  • it is the most accurate. all bow to the crashstore god.

    as of right now, there are indeed 8 seats left.

  • There's been some "I should really learn max" talk in the other threads recently, so I figured I'd bump this. For those of us in SoCal, class starts tomorrow.

  • i wish i could make it to this but i cannot get out of class on thursdays. :/

  • i've been going through the max msp tutorials and thinking of how awesome it would be to have online monome max workshops of some sort. perhaps, given that we have some base level of experience or understanding for purposes of time.

    i wonder how we could go about organizing this.

  • @away message

    I kinda did something like this before over ustream

    I would be up to doing it again

    I'll do a screencast while I do some patching

  • that would be awesome. we should coordinate.

  • @away message,
    Sorry to hear that. I think we were both at Interface LA, but didn't actually meet. Let's aim for SCUM 2 in April, I guess?

    I missed the previous screencast. I don't suppose you recorded it?

    @other LA people,
    there's still slots left if you want to join up last-minute. class starts tonight.

  • +1 for using Ustream for monome patching workshops! I'm pretty sure there's a way to capture the streams so that an archive can begin to grow.

  • I don't know what kind of quality uStream saves on their end. The video I receive from a live stream is pretty god-awful, so I don't know how useful it will be to save the screencast post-compression.

    It'd probably be better to record a local copy of what's going out to uStream, and then upload that to vimeo, where we have more quality control.

    That seems like it'd work out better.

    Still, an archive would be great.

    There's some semi-beginner videos up here, by the way:
    they do assume you have max for live, which is perhaps inconvenient, but the ones that are posted have been pretty grid-centric. Not monome specific, but adaptable to monome learning...

    I feel like I should say something about the class again to keep things on topic. Not much to add, though. Kevin mentioned on Facebook a while back that he will have the RGB monome he's building (with the MK buttons and the surface mount LEDs) on hand, so that's exciting.

  • @greaterthanzero

    i will be at SCUM 2. looking forward to it.

  • currently preparing my wekinator demo for handmade music next weekend. get stoked: http://wekinator.cs.princeton.edu/

  • friendly reminder, handmade music is tonight!

    hope to see you here!

  • I'm sorry I won't be able to make it. The wekinator looks like it may be fun. Have a great time!