mlrv 2.1 samples off beat

  • hello all!

    i am wondering if there is a way have samples ready to play from the start of the sample and the end of the sample?

    i've been moving the markers myself and it seems like they are off beat. i'm not sure if it's my marking on the samples, or the program.

    any suggestions? :)

  • ensure your BPM is correct and yes unfortunately its probarly your marking, i find it difficult to get it on a beat correctly - thus my reasoning for creating the loop sizes as i need them before hand haha

  • is there a way to auto mark the samples with different BPMs so it can match evenly?

  • Sorry, i dont understand?

    You can make each sample a different BPM when you export it from your DAW or sampler.

  • Is there a way to "select all"? When I try and go from a slice of the sample to the entire sample, I worry that I may not have all of it.

  • @cheese I've not found a way to do that reliably other than reloading the sample into the bank (choosing it again from the dropdown)

  • if you hold down alt while you drag a selection over a sample it will snap to each eighth segment, very handy!

  • @maersk !! I would have never tried that. super secret shortcut? or is that in the documentation and I missed it?

  • @dean: from start to end.
    most of my music is roughly around 140BPM. and when i upload a samples that are all 140 bpm. my sample speeds very from 0.992 to 1.000 which becomes off beat and the quantize gets thrown off as well.

    i have to try out what maersk said about the alt thingy tomorrow!!!

  • Thanks maersk!

    @ronji super secret shortcuts is right! I didn't see that on the pdf. Where is the "make my shit dope" shortcut?

  • for any version of mlr -- how does one typically go about syncing two loops with different source bpm's?

  • i think you do it with octave / transpose?
    actually i guess i'm not sure what you're asking. for example i threw 2 samples into mlrv 2.1, both with different source bpms, and mlrv just pitched them up or down to sync to the bpm.

  • if i have a 115 bpm loop and a 125 bpm loop, what would be the best way of syncing or 'beatmatching' them ?

    what is the best way of matching loops in mlr without rerecording them in a host?

  • Not sure about anyone else, but one way to do it is by percentages. If you want the 115 BPM sample to match your 125 BPM, set your 125 BPM sample at speed "1" and set your 115 BPM sample at speed "1.087" (125/115). This will make them match, although the slower sample will be sped up by a bit and therefore pitched higher.

    This is from memory, however, and could be wrong. I'm not at my monome at the moment.

  • i have a 120 bpm loop, 130 bpm loop, and a 95 bpm loop, and i threw them all in mlrv 2 and they just sync... i did this in mlr and mlrv. they don't sound good cuz they're all out of key with eachother, but they're synced. i used the octave up and down to make them pitch up or down while keeping synced. what happens when you try?

  • ableton — find the right tempo and real and relative pitches for your loops
    by manually chopping and stretching in re-pitch mode
    or with the right warp modes and settings

    Make your loops sound good relative to each other before you drop them into mlr, and then you can change the tempo freely.