M4L and Max Runtime not working together

  • Hi all,

    I am having a problem with M4L and max runtime. If I open a max runtime app it works fine, then if I open an M4L, the M4L patch doesn't work properly (sends led messages but doesn't receive button presses), the max runtime app still works fine, and vica vera.

    I am sure I have never had this issue before, I have recently installed the new beta versions of ableton and max.

    I think it's an issue with ports, where M4L and max runtime can no longer share the same port.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • The problem has to do with the OSC binding... to receive messages an app needs to bind to a port... and two applications cannot bind to a port at the same time.

    I believe serial OSC should solve this problem in the long run... but other than that it will be difficult to do anything if you are only using runtime

  • cheers alpha,

    I take it that if I change the posts the M4L devices are on then both should work together? (using monoroute or serialOSC style app switching)

  • So... The only way to get m4l patches to work at the same time as non m4l patches is to have a full copy of Max/MSP running alongside Ableton/Runtime, or will SerialOsc make this possible using only runtime? I'm trying to figure out if I need to bite the bullet for a crossgrade to make this happen, or if I need to just be patient until SerialOsc is finished.

  • I am using monoroute at the moment so I have set my m4l patches to ports 8001 and 8080 and runtime patches to 8000 and 8080, then set the ports in monoroute accordingly, serialosc should allow the same set up.

    I found that some of the stretta m4l patches don't set the ports properly so you may need to edit the code a bit, or change the ports in the runtime patches.

    As far as editing patches goes I find that if I already have runtime then try to open an m4l patch to edit, it opens I runtime and won't let me unlock it, but if I close the patch and open it for editing again it opens in m4l. It's a bit annoying to do but it works.

  • Thanks Stax,
    I'm still a little foggy as to what SerialOsc will and won't do. I just got monoroute dialed in with the arduinome 128, which took a little headscratchin to figure out how to make it think there was one device and not 2 64's.

    Getting runtime and m4l working and in tempo sync will be tip tops!