• hi all -

    since the new serialosc protocol doesn't handle offsets i've created a max patch that connects to two 40h units applies offsets and rotation and creates a virtual 128 that connects to newer serialosc enabled applications.

    this is really only necessary for people who want to use two of the pre-monomekit 40h's as one 128 unit.

    requires serialosc and zeroconfig max externals.

  • Would this do the trick for an Arduinome 128?

  • Depends: does SerialOSC recognize either half of your Arduinome yet? If yes, probably. If no, check back when it does.

  • serialosc doesn't work with arduinomes yet, but i've identified the reasons why not and they're fixable. i just haven't had the time to get around to it yet, sorry :(

  • No worries. This whole process is pretty amazing!

  • You be me to the punch, if you add 2 more slots and post it in the 'serialosc proper' thread, this could be the spanning app we wanted