AudioMulch users?

  • So I've been into audio muclch for years.
    Im piecing together my liveset to run off of "LiveControl" as Im most comfortable with the app.
    In the time to piece it together, my melodies feel....lifeless, so I went up with a jam session of Mulch and Live together, Live sequencing Mulch that contains a VST inside of it so it is completely independant of live. Mulch is independant and has multiple effects on the metasurface controlled by a Wacom.

    In order to route Mulch into Live, I need VAC, which I have and is fine, only clumsy. And IM not sure if I trust it for performance.

    So my question, what are you experiences with Audio Mulch and a Monome, if any.

  • Yeah, I like AudioMulch a lot. I discovered it when I was asked to review it for Sound On Sound a couple of years ago:

    (That's the cached version, because it appears that SOS's entire DNS service has failed, which is pretty damned careless of someone.)

    I'm also (as in tomorrow) about to start teaching an MA course on DSP/sound design, and plan to use AudioMulch pretty exclusively for it.

    I recently discovered JackOSX (or rather, rediscovered it and saw how well it works - mostly), which allows me to treat AudioMulch as an audio plugin (specifically, an External Audio Effect) for Ableton Live, and AM will even sync. to inter-app beat clock, so I now have this Frankenstein monster of a laptop setup.

    No monome action here yet - I'm heading towards some kind of generic automation/parameter control from monome and arc: I have a Max-for-Live device which turns automation into MIDI.

    A "pure" AudioMulch setup (pure apart from monome MIDI connection) would be interesting. Perhaps I should try that.

  • Nice man! Best of luck with everything!

    I had an idea for a Max/MSP / Audio mulch setup. I was in heaven with all the improv and generative greatness. Sadly, It wasnt sturdy enough for Live use.

    My great hope (in fact my largest hope at the moment) is that Ross will implement Rewire in 2.2 That was in talks on the latest release notes.

    Its just too much of a pain in the ass to get everything working well enough and quick enough to have it ready to go at a moments notice.
    If my music wasnt so beat heavy or syncopation heavy, I would use Audiomulch exclusively live.

    My main goal is to be able to take the melodies and ambience that ill be throwing into Mulch and be able to go purely off the cuff and jam out ambience wise with external hardware.

  • Hi !

    Long long time AM user.
    But no monome use i my stuff, mainly because no midi out for now (when i see the matrix, it drives me crazy).

    out of interest, some of my old AM stuff here :

  • @cassiel
    That sounds awesome! Are you able to use Jack to send audio from Live into AM too, or is it just one way?

  • Yep, it's bidirectional, so I can use AudioMulch inside Live as an insert effect (or as several). Jack's user interface is a bit ropey, but the actual system works fine.

    I used to be a ReWire fan, and also lobbied Ross to support it in AudioMulch, but it just seems too flaky (in Live and MaxMSP). Once it's working it's fine, but it requires too many chicken entrails to get it running, and frankly, the chickens are getting pissed off.

  • Bumping this old thread...
    I am currently looking to
    a) generate notes via Polygomé, etc
    b) capture midi in AU instruments within Audiomulch
    b1) mangle the audio output
    c) send the output via JackOSX to samplers such as MLR / Partyvan etc (note: soundflower is *not* working for me)°

    In my understanding I need to have Pages up and running in order to be able to use Polygomé and Partyvan *at the same time*.
    At the same time I obviously need to pipe Audiomulch's audio output to the whatever sampler I want to be running.

    In this moment however I can't see any JACK OSX connection available in the DAC window, and more importantly, I do not see a "Max" application available within JACK OSX' targets (even when the MAXMSP environment is running).

    Am I missing a step here? Is there some object or external I need to install in my MAX/MSP folder in order for this setup to work properly?

    Any tips and pointers are highly appreciated


    ° OSX 10.8.3, AudioMulch 2.2, JACKOSX 0.90b13, Reaktor 5.8, serialosc, MAX6