Maxpat versus Maxb Files?

  • I'm in the middle of converting over the monome base v4.4 to serialosc (I already had a bunch of them complete because I use them a lot).

    The only question I have is that monome base 4.4 has almost all of it's files saved in the .maxb format. What's the deal with that? Can I proceed to use the (presumably) newer .maxpat format or is that somehow limiting to some users.

    To have serialosc I have to include that .maxpat anyways, so is there a reason to mix file formats?

    Thanks for your opinions. It'll be done soon (today?), tested them all thoroughly and no new bugs that weren't there as far as I can tell.

  • perhaps the file was saved with an older version of max/msp?

  • .maxb is max 4.
    just save them as .maxpat.

    however any bpatchers will have to be updated to point to right file.

  • @wednesday
    That's what I've come to figure, is that .mxb is just the Max 4 default naming. I'm calling them all .maxpat and it should be good.

    Yeah thats the fun I've been having in programming these. I go in, change all the file paths that are for bpatchers and then I start looking at the logic for the OSC routing.