i need to find out about ording a bunch of unsped's

  • hi all.

    i'm going to be teaching a arduinome build class at this year's Gridfest in Santa Fe. i'm going to source all the parts for the people that donate, so we can all enjoy a few hours of building together without the hassle of each person making sure that have all the everything.

    so i need to get a bunch of unsped's for the class, and i have never done a order before. i'm thinking of getting 20 or so. where is a good place to do this and how do i get it done.

    just so everyone knows, this whole workshop is a not-for-profit class. i wont be making any money at all (i figure i will be loosing some when it's all over) and any money i can save with getting these guys together goes into the pockets of the event so it's successful enough for it to happen again. as a part of the workshop, i will be hand building (if a table saw and cnc router are considered my hands) custom case for each person as my donation to the event to make the cost of the workshop more then worth it to the people donating.

    so help will be very appreciated. and will go a long way to helping make this event the best.

  • I actually wonder if the community doesn't have 20 or so lying around between us that we could just donate.

  • http://dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/pcb_order

    If you need help let me know... more than happy to

  • i don't mind paying for them, if i can get them under the budget. i will never turn down donations too. right now we are capping the class at 15, i want 20 so we make sure to have enough if we can let more people in if there is a demand for it. if there are extras after the class, i figure we can send them out to needy folks or have a donation online to help out with some other part of the cause.

    for the files that are on unsped's site, what do i need to send to the dorkbot people? they ask for a eagle .brd, which is in the downloads, but i have nothing that will open that up. so i don't know if i'm sending the right stuff.

    i'll most likely send them a e-mail this weekend and see what all they need and what the price will be.

    thanks guys.

  • no prob... I think the .brd file is all you need to sell them.

    It will have everything they need to print the board in there I believe

  • Maybe email unsped double check those shields have everything, he might even be able to tweak the file to put the event name on the shield and you could number them so they are "limited edition".

  • DorkBot looks awesome. A fully functioning source file for shields would be great to have posted on the forum, since it seems like there's always a simmering demand for more shields.

  • @thealphanerd
    Do you attend dorkbot meetings? Ever since Seth at New Signal Processes told me about the ones in NYC I've wanted to check one out here in town. What should I know going in? And what should a person expect at one of these meetings? I see that there is a meeting next Monday, maybe I'll try to make it out.

  • @icepot

    I'm actuall located in Toronto...

    I've hit up a Dorkbot meeting in both my city and LA... and they were VERY different... I think the style and subject matter of the Dorkbots rely heavily on the people running it and who they are bringing in to talk. No matter what the case may be they are definitely good to check out!!!

  • don't do dorkbot for 20 boards.

    their service is great, but the turnaround time is sometimes shaky, and since you're doing a bunch of boards, it makes sense to contact a boardhouse directly.

    i have a contact at a board house in LA.. alberta printed circuits in calgary also does good work.

    email me if you want to chat about it. i wouldn't mind acting as a liaison between you and the board house.

  • i haven't been able to get a line on a place to get these done yet, and time is running out. i looked into the dorkbot, but haven't shot them e-mails to get it worked out yet because i heard there was a better place.

    any help would be great.

  • I've gotten boards made at alberta printed circuits and had good results... usually shipping is the most expensive part... but we have guys coming from calgary who can most likely pick them up... maybe that will prove to be the best option

  • Hi, I run the DorkbotPDX PCB order. If you're ordering a lot of big boards, then my prototype service is definitely not the right choice, although I don't think my turnaround time could be thought of as shaky by any means (I always ship at least 10 days after the order deadline).

    I might be able to help in other ways, though.

    How large are the boards and how soon do you need them? If you want under about 400 square inches, I have a "medium run" panel going out tomorrow, that will be back by end of April.

    Past that, you're almost certainly better off going to a fab yourself. Try 4pcb.com or epectec.com. I think you could get quite a lot of spaces for $400 if you take advantage of one of their "first order" discounts.

    If you'd like help navigating their ordering process, let me know and I'd be more than happy to help. I've spent a lot of time learning about the PCB business lately, and I think I can help you structure your order with them for the best value. Email me at "monome@laen.org".

  • Hello, I feel like I'm hijacking this discussion, so sorry about this, but....

    I'm trying to buy like 5 unsped boards, and I want them shipped by early May,
    and I tried contacting 4pcb, and looks like its going to cost me like $70 per board if I do that for just 5 boards.

    So I'm wondering from reading this discussion, that its cheaper to order from Dorkbot?

    Also, for ordering from 4pcb, is it fine to order using Standard Spec, or do I have to order with Custom Spec?

  • @laen, Hi!

    shaky might not have been the right word -- infrequent probably would have worked better... though there was that one time...

    anyways, the unsped boards are 3.25" x 2.25" (7.1325 sq in.). x20 quantity is about 146 sq in.

    do you think partially tiling a board makes sense?

    @ruggia, i'd suggest submitting the design twice to the next order from laen, which will get you 6 boards for about $70 total.

  • @soundcyst

    Oh, yes, they were pretty infrequent at one time. Now they're weekly. :)

    I wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I had a ton of extra space on the medium-run panel I could've donated, but I had to send it in today. :(

    When ordering just a single board, it's almost always cheaper to submit it without tiling. If you're ordering between 2 and 5 different designs, it makes sense to pre-tile. Past that, it's hard to find a fab that'll do it.

    I've heard good things about Myropcb, and it looks like it 20 would cost around $200 (in blue even) with a 6 day turn. Shipping from China can be a pain, though.

    4pcb will be your fastest, most reliable choice, and with their "50% off for new customers (up to $250)" deal, you should be able to get all these for around $330. You can get 30 for $561.00 or 50 for $581 (before $250 discount). The boards will be standard green, though.

  • bummer!

    it looks like 4pcb's done this board before (since that's what the eagle files are named), so i wonder if they'll recognize it or suspect shenanigans..

    i'll be hearing back from a board house in LA tomorrow morning. if their prices are competitive, i'm inclined to go with them, as i can pick up the boards myself and avoid consuming excess fuel..

    p.s. -
    ^^ made with a dorkbotPDX board.

  • Have I ever told you guys that you make me smile??

    Why don't we make a modification to the mask of the shields to say something about gridfest... submit as a new file?? That is if we are going to use 4PCB... actually why don't we do that anyways???

  • @ruggia, $70 EACH??? are you sure, when I made my very first arduinome (2 or 3 years back), I had a batch of 5 or 6 and it only cost $70 for ALL the boards, I had my batch done through 4pcb's, they're great, I had no issues.

  • @JP
    I don't know....
    I submitted the gerber files I found here: http://unsped.blogspot.com/2008/12/arduinome-shield.html
    and the quote they gave me back showed that unless I buy a big batch of 10 or more, the unit price is $70 and up.....

    maybe I'm doing something wrong, cause I have no idea how to do this.....