Serialosc: Modifying the serialosc max patch?

  • Hey there guys, I just have a quick question and hopefully get some discussion on the problems that may arise from modifying the serialosc max patch.

    While modifying the monome base 4.4 over to serialosc (due soon) one app had a lengthy prefix name that I don't think I should change, it forced it's way off the serialosc tab and now looks slightly tacky.

    I was able to fix the problem by just lengthening out the GUI for the text box and panel in the patch and saving it as a different name (i.e. I linked my fixed serialosc version to the app that was finiky but left the others running the generic version).

    My question is then: is there a problem with having multiple copies of serialosc set up like this (that are properly named and linked)? Some people will certainly want to change the panel color, do changes like the one listed above, and other things.

    Let me know how you feel about this. Thanks.

  • I've seen a few variations on it already, i don't think anyone takes issue. the real concern is just keeping up with changes in the original. (i just mean making sure it keeps working in the same way as the original.)

  • Yeah. That's pretty much what I thought. Just didn't want to do something taboo. Graphical changes won't affect anything, so I guess it's all good. Thanks.