• Hello,

    I have been working on this little collection for a while now and it is ready for the world to tinker with.

    I will post more info as I can but here is a quick rundown.

    - **gs.Clipstep** is the same gs.clipstep as before but more better.
    - **gs.clipnome** is the same gs.clipnome as before but more better.
    - **gs.chordscale** is a chord app providing 8 generated voices based on a given note which can be sent to multiple tracks
    - **** is the mechanism used to shuttle program change and note messages between tracks.
    - **gs.midicontrol** generates program change and note messages
    - **gs.pchange** generates program change messages
    - **gs.tile** is the patch formerly known as maxmonoconfig only now with more better.

    The important information is that you MUST have an instance of tile.router in your live set.
    the ports it runs on are 8400 and 8700

    the prefix is /gs.tile-0 for the first monome. /gs.tile-1 for the second etc etc

    Monomeserial version - V003-1
    Serialosc Compatible version - V005

  • What does it do? Where's the sizzle? ;)

  • router link not found?

  • @rawore,
    I believe that's referring to gs.tile.router.amxd in the zip file; I don't know why it's displaying as a hyperlink in griotspeak's post.

  • @GreaterThanZero - that was not supposed to be a link. i guess two periods gets parsed that way automatically.

    @JP - I forgot to link to my admittedly paltry app page.

  • already a small change. When devices receive program change messages from a live clip, the numbers now match up. (Live would display 1 but send a 0 previously)

    This matters because 0 is not saved with the pattr.

  • coool... I'll check it out later today!

  • edit: I'm stupid. But is this added to the list?

  • no. no it was not.

  • :-) i like you're apps btw

  • thanks for posting! curious to check this out... could've used it recently for my setup.

  • I have tried to make the doc page more legible.

  • Thank you griot I'm using these in a new project.



  • nice work!

  • many thanks for all of the kind words!

  • quasi noob here. the whole suite looks awesome... really useful for writing sessions. i've been combing around looking for something like gs.ClipStep, but with MPC style sequencing w/ overdubbing, new clipslot creation and navigation controlled from the monome. is this in your plans at all for the suite? it seems like much of the core of gs.ClipStep could be used for such a thing, but again, total patch-making noob here, so i could be way off. regardless, thanks for the nice work!

    btw, the audio doesn't come in on the tutorial until the video fades in after a minute or so... though it does add mystique :)

  • regarding audio - HAH. well. need to fix that.

    overdub works right now...just not on the monome (i mean you can't 'play' the notes into the sequence from the monome.) OVR = overdub. I have a padkontrol for this because it feels a bit better playing a beat in.

    M4L currently gives no way to create a clip in an empty slot but the moment i can i will implement such functionality.

    navigation should be completely controlled from the monome right now... please explain what else you would like.

    Thanks for the feedback

  • is the silence because all is well?


  • sick!!! good work dude!

  • I've been getting used to the navigation and width settings, but yeah, this is pretty great!

    I'd love to be able to move the "jump to playing clip" button so I can get at it from a 64 sized interface. Maybe the rightmost button of the top row (guess that's 8,8 or 7,7 with zero index, but that always hurts my brains) that is being used as the playback display?

    I'm using this with monoroute and an arduinome "128" but monoroute can only see them as 2 64's, so I'm trying to set up a basic writing template in Live that includes some other apps as well. Being able to go from clipstep, then do a bunch of clip launching and other stuff, then switch to clipstep quickly and get right back into a playing clip with one button will make the workflow awesome, but until I can get a router to see my rig as 128 sized (serialOsc?), I'm working with a 2x64 setup.

  • There's a trick for that. It involves sending the same prefixes to both of the "64s" and configuring an offset for one of them in monomeserial (so the two aren't trying to control the same buttons). If you had a 256 arduionome, you'd do that for each quadrant, and also set the cable direction accordingly.

    This works pretty well, as I recall, but it depends on your computer to assign the same device numbers to them every time you plug the monome in or turn on your computer. Your computer doesn't always play along with that requirement.

    To the best of my knowledge, no one's built a simple tool to swap device numbers (or offsets and cable orientations), but it shouldn't be too hard to throw something together.

    (I still haven't assembled my 256 arduinome, or I'd have made that already)

    Anyway, I've not had much luck with monoroute, so I don't know how well these ideas translate, but you shouldn't have to wait for SerialOSC...

  • @bz - the top right button is used as a playing index in clipnome...but it also starts and stops the set. but "Jump to playing" is from clipstep... so i am confused. i am trying not to overload any buttons and keep essential buttons in the first 8 but i could add it to the interface in Live (I had it there in a personal build but... nevermind, it isn't that interesting)

  • Yeah, I should have mentioned I was talking about clipstep. Is there's an easy way for me to go in a tweek the patch to move the button just for my particular setup? I looked for it quickly but couldn't sort it out so I bailed.

    If putting it on the Live interface is easier, that's cool too. Even better if we could Key/Midi map it!

  • i can definitely add it to the interface in live and enable mapping...

    but there must be some miscommunication going on...because the upper right button in clipstep is a you push it you add/remove a note.

  • On mine when the clip is playing the top row becomes a playhead display, though it is also adding/removing notes into the clip, but it's not displaying like the other rows. When Live is stopped, the notes in that row become solid and behave like the others, but once started, it's back to playhead scrolling.

    I'm pretty sure I got clipstep from the gs.suite download. Maybe I have the wrong version?

  • nope, that is correct, though I thought it was clear what was going on.

    Zoom out or in and maybe it will make more sense, but the notes should seem solid all of the time and the playhead just makes it clear where you are.

  • actually, i know what happened. thank you. I changed a bit of basic beavior recently and its implications are a bit subtle. I'll fix that.

  • now the bottom row looks broken in V3. switched back to V2 and it works again.

  • Ok, I just got home and tried it out...

    broken how? (what buttons or lights?)

  • Basically no button presses register. I get a quick flicker and then it's gone (like so many things in life!)

    Button 5 on the bottom row lights up btns 1 - 4, but there's no action after that.

    I've got a super simple session with nothing else in it. When I go back to V2 in this same session it works as it did before.

    I'm only using ClipStep a the moment, so I can't speak to the rest of the patches at the moment.

  • ...that sounds like ... nevermind, it isn't that interesting. (trying to break a habit)

    try 003-1

  • Clipstep is happenin now!

  • So how tough would it be to add autofocus? I took a stab at some cut and paste into gs.tile, but no luck (no patching skills at the moment). I was able get the prefix to rename and change in arduinome serial, but no btn press or light functionality. It would also be great to be able to map the inter-patch "grab focus" buttons too.

    Ideally I could run gs.suite as the core, plus some other m4l patches in Live depending on the song, and have mlrv running in Max via rewire, all at the same time and via some kind of router. Is that possible??

  • It wouldn't be too difficult, but I would rather not since i am going to incorporate serialosc support and the two are not similar enough to merit folding autofocus in before serialosc.

    In every patch except chordscale you can simply tell the app that it is 1 row shorter/wider than it is to gain 8 autofocus buttons. (i used to support autofocus, chordscale was made during the move away)

  • How many people use the HUD functionality in clipstep/clipnome?

  • serialosc compatible version for the intrepid.

  • Would midi mappability be worth losing HUD?

  • If it's a zero-sum situation, then I'd say midi-mapping wins. I should have some time for a writing session in a day or two so I might have a different take on it after several hours of steady use.

  • V005 I have added a toggle to ignore presses in clients. (Serialosc build)

  • I've had a little more time to spend with ClipStep V3 (haven't braved serialosc yet).

    I've noticed a couple of things.

    1. Clip view Width - I need to set it to a width of 8 measures to get it to actually display 2 measures, and so on down through the various resolutions.

    2. When I press control button 9 (send1) weirdness happens. Control buttons 9 - 16 stop functioning entirely, and new notes added on all columns are set to the shortest duration.

  • 1. that...sounds frustrating. i will figure that out.

    2. heh. sounds like it is recalling an 8x8 wide setting (send1 will recall or store depending on the box between clipnome and tile.

  • to expand on my answer for 2...if it is shorter than 16 i only use the first 8 buttons of the bottom row.

  • Is there a way to reset the port numbers without the scripts regenerating new objects? I'm trying to use mlrV and gs.Suite in the same set in Ableton using monoroute, and I can't edit the ports in mlrV with Runtime.

  • do you just need them to be on different ports or...? does mlrV use 8400 and 8700? or do you need gs.suite on 8000 and 8080?

  • I had thought of putting gs.suite on 8000 and 8080, so that everything on monoroute can be on 8080. Most of the time the default 8400/8700 is cool, but a means of overriding would be handy. Since I'm using gs.suite for writing sessions at the moment, there's often a few different patches to try in any given setting.

  • Update coming...I was waylaid by living situation issues.

  • I may be missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure out how to get clipStep to make each button in a row a 1/16th note on my 128.

    I'd like to be able to use clipstep as a 16 step sequencer.

    I'd appreciate any advice.

  • Yeah...It's pretty broken right now...I will fix this soon. I have known about this for too long, but so much of my programming focus is on two other projects.

    Sorry, I will fix this soon.