Having a problem with MLR and MLRV... Any help would be awesome

  • How's it going,

    So I am running a launchpad, maxMSP Runtime, MAcbook pro, latest version of MLR, MLRV, ableton, and Nonome.

    When I use polygome, it works fine. The lights work and the sound is played. However, when I try to put in .AIF or .WAV files into MLR it says "File" instead of the normal name when I drop it into the box. And it won't play or work. I have used MLR many times and it has never happened to me. Also, MLRV (I am new to this program) is not being cooperative with me. When I drop a .wav or .aif file, it dosn't show up or play.

    I've tried searching but can't find anything. Thanks.

  • I had the same problem, and the cause was a "/" in file path. Make sure that none of your folders have anything other than numbers and letters in the names, and no spaces.

    Hope that helps.

  • the file path in the actual .wav or .aif file? or file path as in Nonome?

  • Alright, figured it out. The folder i was keeping all my Wav's in had an apostraphe in it. If I put them on the desktop it works fine. When using MLRV though, the lights don't work on the launchpad...