mlrv 2.2 release party ustream tonight

  • join us in releasing mlrv 2.2 — tonight, april 9th @ 12:00a EST (in a few hours) we're doing a live broadcast of the release on ustream:

    featuring performances by galapagoose and % from /parallelogram/ HQ in brooklyn, nyc. after we're done, we'll post the software for all to download and enjoy.

  • Great news! however....I'm out this it be recorded per chance?

    Have a great time!

  • tonighttttttttttttttttttt....................... CODING MADNESS AT /parallelogram/ STUDIOSSSSSSSS............


  • yes please.

  • will be tuning in, dudes.


  • I'll plug in the stream to my big tv, throw back a couple of beers, and be with you guys in spirit.

    So stoked for the new release.

  • Can't wait guys!!!!

    Irc party????

  • tuning in. 30 more minutes!

    Any thing we need to do if we're going from mlrv 2.1 to 2.2? Like replace the xsample?

  • can someone record this? Won't be home for a while.

  • Fucking DIRTY

  • arghhhhhh... so sorry we didn't get a recording (first time using ustream and didn't see the giant 'start recording' button until after the fact). also wish i had a log of the chat :: got bumped off the chat and had to reconnect before i could see anything?!?!

    thanks for tuning innnnnn.....