Does your Monome not work? Please read this first

  • Ok, so there has been a large number of people coming on to IRC claiming a number of different issues with their monomes... and a number of these problems have to do with the transition to serialosc. While I will be the first to admit that it is going to rock once the transition is finished, in the mean time there are a lot of confused people... so having dealt with a number of problems here are some quick solutions for you.
    Problem 1) My monome is acting all glitchy, not every button press is registering.

    Solution: Most likely you have installed serialosc and are attempting to use monomeserial at the same time... which is a recipe for disaster. While you may think that you have removed serialosc, it is a background app... and I have seen many occasions where people who thought they have uninstalled it later find it is still running in the activity monitor (osx specific).

    Please make sure that you are not running both serialosc + monomeserial
    Problem 2) Serial osc doesn't work!

    Answer: Have you installed all the externals required to make it work???

  • good man!

  • my recommendation: write it up as a FAQ.

    take all references to chat and "mistakes" out.

    make a bug list with one location for serialosc, much as
    the mlrv folks have done.

    the documentation (such as it is) and the maze of threads
    would make anyone flinch.

    testing needs to be done with complicated apps. that's the meat.

    my experience with troubleshooting says you need to help people
    describe a repeatable problem, reduced to the simplest case.
    make a template for reporting their context, details of their system and

    /flame off

  • I would add that the reason why a large number of people coming on to IRC claiming a number of different issues with their Monome, is precisely because there are 'a number' of different problems.

    There are too many plates spinning at the same time here; serialosc for Win/Mac, new MAX versions, MLRV2 getting a lot of exposure, MAX1101 patches for new batches, MK kits firmware, updating of Monomeserial stuff to serialosc, the new 'Arc' etc.

    I think it is quite natural for people who have just shelled out $500/$800/$1400 for their Monomes/Arcs to ask for a little help in getting their kit working.

    At the same time a little patience from us all will go a long way.

  • it's true. the transition to serialosc is a major shift, and it'll take a couple months to settle.

    but rather then dissuade people from asking questions, i'd encourage more asking. it's obvious that documentation needs to be improved.

    furthermore, it's clearly discouraging that a lot of helpful and thorough debugging help gets buried in the forum. it's implausible to expect people can sift through the full depths of the forum given the increased traffic here.

    if you've received help that you feel may benefit others, it'd be very generous of you to add it to the wiki.

  • also, please edit the titles of your help thread to "solved" when applicable. it is a big time saver when you know what questions have been answered and what haven't, even if you have done something like by stupid cheap ebay leds that make everything not work (guilty!)

  • I agree the documentation will make things a bit simpler, but at the same time and were all guilty of this to some extent users need to actually read the documention.

    Ive been on this forum for almost 2 years and didnt know what an IAC bus was untill a month ago! I feel like explaining the lingo and a bit of an explantion on how max patches comunicate with other software or external gear would be very helpful. Example people having trouble with parc because they dont realize they need to tell parc to talk to a synth. In my humble opionon I think too much prior knoweledage is assumed, and this leads to the "I have no idea whats wrong" posts

    I think if we could get something like a crash course in "max patch/monome set up and uses" all put together as one solid document would be a huge help to the learning curve. As it is now there is a massive amount of information on this forum, but you have to know what your looking for to be able to find it.

    I think a big problem for new users is that the relevant information that they need is in too many places. (not just the monome stuff but everything else production wise that goes with it)

  • an FAQ definitely needs to be drawn up, especially of people are stumbling over how midi works...

  • Well... we are planning a monome from scratch workshop at Gridfest...

    Perhaps if we record it, and it works out nicely, that could serve as some very helpful documentation

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  • Even during periods of setting aside my monome; and because of the cycles of fruitfulness that periodically happens in here, I still visit and skim thru reoccuring topics to avoid becoming lost. But i somehow missed IRC. What is it? Can someone bring me up to date please?

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