128 For Sale, Berlin, Germany

  • Hey.
    Ive got a 128 Monome for sale. Im not sure what the exact model name / number is but its got wooden panels and orange buttons.
    i bought it from monome.org myself. its hardly used in great condition.
    highest offer wins.

  • Hello mate.
    I live in the netherlands, what are you indicating for the price? (:

    I would like to mail you about the price. My mail adres is c.arslanpay@gmail.com

    Would you like to send me some pictures?


  • im interested too, right now living in malta. i call 250 euros.

    send me an email mate hello@noelzahra.com

  • hi


  • hi, i'm interested and I have a good offer. send me some picture at giostrante@gmail.com

    when do you buy it?

  • Here is a picture + you can email me through craigslist