monome 2011 link in Live8.22 + m4l--(Solved)

  • How can i link Monome 2011 to Live8.22 + m4l ?

    is there a doc to read ?



  • i think...
    max runtime -> midi input of live
    put m4l patches to max audio or midi effect in live

  • i mean this

    excuse i m new here ...

    i take Stretta M4l suite2

    put polygome in to new track

    i can't understand how start polygome in live8 + m4l

    must i sync midi ?

    if yes

    how synch midi in live8 using serialosc ?

    how can i link monome 2001 ?


    my set up :

    live8 .22

    max 5.18

    monome march 2011

  • you must use monomeserial.maxpat to run anything in stretta's suite located here:
    download the file under the heading "examples".

  • link you have gimme don t work

    i 'd want work in live8 +

    not stand alone app

    also in live8 m4l must I add serialosc ?

    excuse ..for this stupid question

    for me is the first time in this stuff i m an visual artist

    but i like total art

    so.. i like monome

    thank for this and future help

    desnos italy

  • with monome2011 you must use serialosc. it runs in background.

    with older monomeserial apps (stretta monome suite) you must use monomeserial.maxpat available within file located under the heading "examples" here:

  • Thank