[album] free edison EP

  • hope ya'll dig it!
    there was a post here a few days ago, with links to old radio broadcast...
    these beats each have a little snippet of a horror show in it...
    shit was inspiring!


  • Thanks Mr Edison :-)

  • Snagged! Thanks for the beats.

  • upon first brushings the tracks here sound great! can't wait to have the time to devote my full attention, and as always your song titles are amazing.

  • Fresh and inspiring as always, well done !

    The whole album rocks, my favs are tracks 2 and 4, nevertheless.

  • can't wait to listen! thanks

  • tight like fashionable jeans. Swung.

  • thanks all ya'll peoples!
    always stoked for free ish!

  • this is dope! thanx for sharing