You may like Saturn Never Sleeps (Philly)

  • I just wanted to post a link for you guys to see what we are building in Philly. Saturn Never Sleeps has hosted the likes of Galapagoose, Mary Anne Hobbs, MNDSGN, Flying Lotus and many other.....

    we inspire live electronic improv.....

    Just click on the photos to see the different nights....

    If your in and around Philly come check us.....

    We are also a label and a band.....


    King Britt

  • love you guys! wish i was local so i could come to some shows :(
    keep not sleeping!

  • ooh I need to tell Jones...:-)

  • you kno
    i'm already in love

    out of purely selfish motive
    any chance of more live events in NYC?

    different vibe
    and i hate to compare
    but cant help thinking
    for east coast beatheads
    its like our LOW END

    serious respect for all youre a part of

    peace to rucyl too

  • Saturn Never Sleeps is amazing! Philly isn't far from NYC / Baltimore all should make the trip.

  • I cosign Saturn Never Sleeps! Great stuff

    Trent introduced me to you two in Philly a few months back when Alfred was playing at the North Star Bar. I hope to see you again soon!

  • Thanks everyone..... We will be doing a festival in springtime.... yes yes....