edison show on the east coast 06/15/11...!

  • yessir....
    i am traveling home to tie the knot with my lovely lady...
    so, why not bring some buttons?!
    finally getting to play the hometown...
    so if you're around...
    here the deetailsssss;;;

    artgeekstudio presents:
    "Friends & Family", The Dead Presidents Lounge & 518 Prints party!
    Featuring Planet Eater, DJ OFI, Existing Artists, (Jason Cosco) VJ 1983, Midas and Rawhead & more
    with very special guest,


    $5 @ the door.

    9pm - 2am

    red square albany
    388 Broadway
    Albany, NY 12207

    hope to see a fellow button pusher out in the sting...
    i love you

  • Congrats man!

    Can't make it to that show but show some love in NYC/Long Island sometime.

    Best wishes to you and yours

    P.S.: I went to Suny Albany for 2 years... good times I vaguely remember....

  • Have a great show, and Congrats again!

  • Hella congrats and East Coast stings!