insanity_3 (updated 19/12/2012)

  • serialosc has worked with arduinome for a little while now, for a few weeks iirc. with the work artfwo has been putting into arduino uno firmware, everyone should be able to use their favorite arduinomes.

  • pretty sure i've tried the latest version on osx and still not working... will check though..

  • no errors, here's what my max window looks like. its just full of ispattern 0 or 1 messages.

  • no problems to report here with insanity and mlrv running through pages.

  • @machsymbiont

    so if u try switching fader pages in insanity while audio in mlrv is playing u get no stutter? maybe i should restart my computer, see if that helps.

  • my bad. i am getting audio stutter per each page change. sorry about that.

  • damn. well... too late, just restarted.

  • ok. i'm watching a dvd on my computer. while watching, i started pressing the page buttons within insanity and the audio of my entire system was dropping out per page change. i dropped mlrv. the same. i dropped pages and hooked insanity straight up to my 256 and the same. weird. up until now i hadn't changed pages in insanity because i was still programming the first page.

  • weird. will look into it..

  • could be the 112 midi note state messages being processed and sent on page changes.

    [delete] [delete] [delete] .....

    also fwiw ableton kinda sucks at providing midi feedback in some ways.
    doesn't seem to send midi back to max until a fader in ableton has settled on a cc for some time..

  • do you think this is something that can be fixed? 112 midi note state messages all at once? if so, maybe 112 in series that happens in a matter of half a second? not really sure how things work so i'm just throwing stuff out there.

  • yeah i've taken those out. the note state messages were meant to just set values so the next press on a button behaves correctly, not output them.

    fixed that but haven't tested properly yet.

  • not getting slowing down anymore..

    managed to find some more bugs though... setting a slider to move by fine speed and changing pages leds to some interesting modulation...

  • wonderful app! works great on my 128.

    There is one thing that would work better for me: to have the page change buttons along the top rather than the bottom. When playing it like a keyboard, it's way too easy to hit the page change buttons by mistake.

    How easy would that be for a max novice to go in and change?

  • ppl having issues with 'slowing down' in ableton/mlrv with page changes wanna try this...

    @m!g probably not the hardest thing to do. depends whether your doing it just for yourself or for all monome sizes. the later is more complex.

    have thought about adding this in myself. would be quicker than trying to walk you through. not to discourage your max adventures though...

  • that fixed it as far as it affecting system audio but when running mlrv2 it still breaks the audio up.

    here's a vid:

  • thats weird

    i couldn't get it to do that...

    anything happening to mlrv on the gui?

    wonder if theres issues with using two patches using pattr

  • thanks for the update. still slowdown in 2.03 using mlrv2 and insanity though.

    i'm on serialosc btw

  • gui does same as audio. stutters/interrupts/hesitates with page changes. serialosc here also.

  • hi. great patch getting greater =)

    the faders are getting updated so smooth now =)

    i found one bug though:

    page 2 is my clip triggers for ableton live. if i trigger a clip there the button lights up (midi toggle) but when i change to my "keyboardpage" the led is still lit. if i play that button on my keyboardpage the light goes out, but then it is still out when i go back to the cliplaunchpage.

    this is crap :P

    everything else is really great.

  • @kris.. I"LL SHOW YOU CRAP!!!!

    easy fix, added pattr call for button led state..

  • AWSOME! no more complains.

    You rock!

  • 2011/256/PC/Runtime 5.18/serialosc-1.0rc2/insantiy 2.04

    1. When faders are set to decay, fader gets stuck at 72 (it won't return to zero/jumps up to 72).
    2. Occasional stuck/missing LEDs when multiple faders adjusted in quick succession.

    Totally amazing work. Great fun setting faders to soft synth parameters.

  • @joechip thanks

    1. fixed

    2. look into it when i get serialosc going. might need to slow the fader down a little..

  • @stevieraysean

    allright one more complain :P

    Seems that load preset dooesn't work. I can only autoload the insanity preset.
    But if i want to have multiple presets that doesn't work.

    Workaround for now is having a copy of the patch in another folder..

  • this app is awesome.

    One question (and suggestion) :
    when using a fader, is there a way to set the speed of the dec/inc by using the two finger technique ? or even a speed relative to the distance between the two fingers ?

    One suggestion :
    Due to the nature of the pages concept, it is impossible to have a mix of faders and buttons in the same col. So impossible to have a real mixer page, with mute and solo buttons on top of the faders. Too bad.

    Another suggestion :
    Ever thought of making an X/Y page, sending two CCs ? i didn't manage to program this in max, i am soooooo a loser.

    Congrats again.


  • And a few bugs / questions :
    (i am mapping faders in ableton to do tests)

    - when increasing a fader value with a single finger, the fader in ableton seem to jump to 0 quickly and then increase, instead of starting with its actual value.

    - sometimes, a fader won't work...

    - weird thing : reloading a liveset with plenty of faders mapped won't set the monome faders at their right position. Moving them in ableton works. But strangely, cmd+M twice won't.

  • @chapelier fou

    "- when increasing a fader value with a single finger, the fader in ableton seem to jump to 0 quickly and then increase, instead of starting with its actual value."

    try turning on takeover mode in live =)

  • oooops you're right.
    I made the test on my crashtestdummy computer, not on my musical one. So i didn't event thought of that. Obvious.

    Thank you

  • sorted the save/load issue thing.

    seems need to switch to page 0 first then load the file then switch to 1.
    was also remembering the previous file loaded...

    will put it up shortly..

    anyone having issues with ableton slowing down or is it just mlrv2?

  • insanity + ableton + system audio = good while changing pages.

    as soon as i open mlrv2 (witout even loaded anything) all audio (ableton/mlrv2 (after loading files)/system audio) slows down/hesitates/pops when i change pages.

    i then close mlrv2 and still get the "slowing down" in all audio when changing pages.

    once i restart max runtime everything is fine as long as i don't open mlrv2.

    i'm just not going to use mlrv2. it hogs up most of my system anyway. instead i'll stick with mlr_aes_0.4_thealphanerd_edit, m4l.

  • Hey guys,
    I'm getting the same audio popping when changing pages. I'm running mlr aes 0.4 through ableton and Insanity 2.04.
    When I change a page in Insanity I see a huge momentary jump in cpu usage in Ableton.

  • i have noticed after a while the buttons option for selecting rows 0-7 and 7-14 disappears in some columns. also, sometimes a column won't change from buttons to a fader.

    serialosc version, 2.0.4, mac osx 10.6.5

  • ok, fixed a few of the more obvious bugs..

    the issues with mlr i'm still trying to see.. sounding like its just hitting the cpu wall..

    does it do it with just say 1 sample playing in mlr, 1 playing in ableton, no fx or anything and switching pages with insanity?

    i'm off to europe next week for about 6 weeks so won't be up to much patching.
    will try get a version out before then..

  • switching 'audio in interupt' off in max/mlrv dsp setting seems to fix the insanity/mlrv/ableton mlr sample slow down thing for me..

    not sure if it'll effect performance... higher signal vectors seem to help a little too.

  • @stevieraysean

    how could i go about using this 2 instances of this app on 2 devices? ( 256 & 64)

    when i load two they conflict with each other (connected via serialosc).

  • i discovered a cool "trick," hold a note button down while changing a page and that note button becomes toggled on. hacks :o

  • and it doesn't re-trigger notes when you turn them off! almost like it was made that way...

    *sarcasmo needs coffee*

  • and re: two instances... not possible in current states

    being that most patches use send and receive objects to connect parts of patches instead of huge messes of patch cords and those send and receive objects are the same in each instance they mess with each other.

    also patches using pattr or coll to store and recall presets (ie the pages changing in insanity) will also share information..

    i can think of more interesting things to do with two monomes

  • i totally agree with you about there being more interesting things to do with two monomes, to this end though, multiple copies of 64insanity would be beneficial but it's no big deal, i can seek an alternative solution.

    of more importance...

    sometimes when i save my patch it erases some of my page settings. i saved the patch multiple times without any problems, and then all of a sudden all of buttons i created/mapped on page 8 disappeared after saving once. i reopen my last save and it does not fix this. it has happened on multiple pages. the bug seems to affect buttons. any ideas? let me know if that explanation was not clear enough.

  • another question. i am having success using midi input with faders. buttons work with midi input as well, but when i change the page their status no longer updates if i press the associated control. meaning once i go back to the page with the midi input on the button the LED does not reflect the last push.

    any ideas?

    once again, i love this application so much. thank you for all of your hard work. this patch is keeping me sane right now.

  • insanity? keeping you sane? interesting...

    anyway.. i'll look into the buttons midi input page changing thing..

    be sure to make sure you aren't using the same midi cc's on the same channels.. that'll mess up things..

  • on a side note 64faders was released two years ago, happy birthday 64faders...

  • i believe i am using different cc's. i am using different cc's for different controls and monitoring.

    the insanity is keeping me sane. i am going to heavily base my first max patch off of a lot of the work here. i love the simplicity and effectiveness of this patch. i love how it can monitor. i love how modular it is. it rocks.

    happy birthday 64faders!

  • i am putting that max patch on hold for a whileeeeeee, but i plan on consulting with you for guidance!

  • midi button input.... i remember leaving this out thinking that midi notes might mess with cc's cos they share a lot of objects

    might have fixed some things, might have broken some things...

    you decide...

    that's me for the next 5 weeks you're all on your own :)

  • you rock! i will test it all out and let ya know.

    hope your going somewhere awesome, have a good//safe trip!

  • i can't believe it took me so long to discover this app...its a really great controller and i believe it has replaced my apc40, as a lot of you guys have already said :)

    when using my 128 horizontal, only the left half functions. how do i get 16 pages instead of just 8?

  • this is something to do with the different versions of 128 and the different cable orientations. not having one myself it is harder to fix and doesn't really make sense to me. will add in a rotate function and change a couple of other things when i get some time..

  • i have a problem with loading presets. Although it seems to be saving, it doesn't load the json file (no matter if i use the insanity filename for autoload, or another filename and manual load)

    I'm on win7 64, max 5.1, walnut64, insanity 2.05 serial_osc version
    any idea what could be responsible for the loading problem?