MK kit question. lights going out, but still works

  • was messing w/ my MK on my new mac mini the other day, and everything was going well.

    then all of a sudden the buttons stopped lighting up, but everything was still working.
    every now and then one or two lights would flash real quick, but was not giving the same visual feedback at all.

    has anyone seen this before?
    i thought i had read a thread about this or something similar, but I couldn't find it when I tried to search.

    had to disconnect the MK and restart to get everything back to normal.

  • definitely never seen this. but i'm working on a new updated firmware that should addresses a few other issues (mainly a serialosc upgrade) so hopefully the issue will go away.

  • word, fwiw i'm still on monomeserial but the same setup on my macbook which ive used more extensively hasnt had this happen.

    maybe there is a mac update i'm missing or somethin

  • Kinda like this???

    Also, what size mk do you have?

    You will see a few posts from me in there. Still having the issue I mentioned in the thread there, although I haven't really pressed the issue. I plan on making a video of the issue when I get back to my apartment.

    I have been trying to suss out whether my problem is hardware related or firmware related...

  • sounds kind of similar definately, do your lights completely go out or just dim in brightness?

    mine completely go out and a light or two will randomly blink every so often in a row. it goes for all the grids not just one, altho i remember it only affected rows that we're already on in mlr when the issue occured, other rows that weren't doing anything continued to work fine as they should.
    and i too believe it happened after a flurry of button presses.

    i'm rockin a mk256.

    i think mine isn't hardware related since i havent run into this issue on my macbook.

  • I didn't think you could use an MK256 with monomeserial, only SerialOSC?

  • i'm not sure the specifics of it all, and it def took a little troubleshooting, but mine works w/ monomeserial.

  • Can you tell me how you did that? Or point me to the preocess if there is link? Personally I would prefer to use my MK with monomeserial sometimes.

  • are you on mac or windows?
    i couldn't get mine to work on XP, but i got it to work on mac.
    also, i dont have the latest firmware installed on my MK, i believe i have the one right before it. (i dont know if this affects anything, good or bad, i just want to be clear)

    basically, i just installed all the latest stuff aka monomeserial, max5 runtime, and the ftdi driver on my mac.

    then i ran this patch called 'mkset' thats floating around here somewhere, (cant remember exactly where i found it).

    i believe u run mkset WITHOUT monomeserial running and then when the patch pops up, u set the # of grids u have for your MK in the dropdown box.
    1 = 64
    2 = 128
    4 = 256

    then in the mkset patch its has grids kind of like test patch, and u should be able to press buttons and see them light up on the monome and the grid and vice versa.

    tried my best to explain, but i am kinda of bad w/ words.
    best of luck to you sir! come back w/ any questions, ill do my best to help

  • Hey RIngo,
    I'm on a Mac. I think I better not start messing around with too much since my MK runs fine on serialosc. Do you have problems with your lights if you run your MK just with serialosc?

  • to be honest, i havent tried serialosc.

    i attempted to set it up, but it kind of confused me (altho, i admittedly did not try to hard).
    and then right before i was gunna attempt to upgrade the firmware and really look into it, i tried the mkset patch and it worked so my interest in serialosc kinda faded for now.

  • Hello all,

    I would like to revive this post and issue. I have a similar issue with my mk64 when I run max apps like polygome or mlrv. When I start to bang on the buttons the LEDs frequently all go dim, or go out completely, but the audio continues running.

    I am running encoder firmware from new mk firmware and osx 10.6.7

  • to confirm, you're using serialosc?

  • i also get this BTW. A quick pull and reconnect solves this sometimes i get dim lights. i'm wondering in my case if bus power is insufficient and was going to add a powered hub inside mine soon.

    using mk kit as 2 x 256 (512) and serialosc

  • Yes I am using serialosc, and it still occasionally happens. I noticed another post that mentions resoldering the connections near ribbon cables might help--I'll try when I get home.

  • trying to get a better sense of this problem, as i haven't been able to reproduce it well.

    apps running without button pushing seem fine? ie. if you get mlrV going, then let it roll, it's ok? problems happen when you start mashing? or are there problems as-is without mashing?

  • @ Everyone

    Is your problem similar to mine in this thread?

    As with you guys, the start up pattern is fine, replugging the monome in resets the issue.

    I'm sorry you guys are having this problem also, but finally maybe we can all solve it.


    If you recall I have a similar problem to this. You had suggested to me it may be the enclosure but the problem persists outside of the enclosure. I thought my USB port may just be under powered, but I tried it on my PC laptop, a pc desktop, and my friends macbook.

    If it would be helpful to you, and others have a similar problem to mine, I can create a video as I kind of know how to trigger the problem.

    PS: I also believe it is important to note that I can run monome-test, and there will be no issues registering button presses or having the lights dim. Am I correct in thinking that, given that there is no problem in monome-test and my start up pattern is correct, that this is most likely not a soldering issue on my part ( as I have resoldered the driver and keypad and no help)?

  • are you using the latest firmware?

    Not sure about mac but on pc, old drivers will get installed if you just plug your device in. In and get the latest from the ftdi web site. Sorted a similar issue I was having.

  • @fingertappin: i had yours working perfectly fine outside the enclosure as far as i could tell.

    could someone respond to my previous question regarding mashing?

  • @ tehn

    Yeah I tested it without the enclosure and the problem still persists. I'll make a video.

    Also, in my case, the apps are fine ( except the default buttons that are supposed to light up upon initiating the polygome patch) until I start mashing.

    The thread I referenced to earlier reasonably documents app specific problems

  • thanks for the info. i'm going to recheck my testing assumptions.