share an aalto patch

  • since there seems to be a handful of aalto users here, thought this would be fun. please post your own creations!

    this is a paddy patch, with some wobble, very audible in the low range not as much so in the highs.

  • one based off the bongo party patch but adds a clicky clackiness to the original

  • I have put up a site to collect Aalto patches - if any of you feel like sharing, go ahead and throw up a patch and an audio sample.


  • nice site!

  • Thanks man - fiocz just put up some wicked sequenced patches. I've learned alot from his stuff.

  • @earsmack stutts tuning change, more wires, intervals change from your off bongo...

    likes to bend

    a short run:

  • ooh thanks for this. just got my aalto last weekend, i lurve it to death!

  • So long since I've been here, so long since I've posted, so long since I made a song... I go to @sam_square 's site to find fun aalto patches and it is no longer there! Where else might I find a repository of aalto patches.

    Hello again!

  • hi frank

  • Not Really updated to 2015, but these are in my backup hdd. Hope it will be useful