Korg Monotron

  • Korg's latest offering in their line of miniature devices: the Monotron (http://www.korg.com/Product.aspx?pd=571). Anyone seen this? The stylus input makes it look like a modern day Stylophone... only it's equipped with the MS-20 filter!

    I hope the build quality is reasonable, so it's not just a novelty. But I must say, having an ultra-portable, fully analog, monophonic synthesiser that runs off AAA batteries is going to be loads of fun.

    Supposedly available sometime in August for an RRP of $85 (USD I guess).

    In action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn4D79Jgn_4


    Unrelated: how do I create hyperlinks from text (on this forum)?

  • olio - AFAIK, you can't :)

    nice! i think im getting one. this will be my first ever analog synth :P

  • pirxthepilot - oh well, that's OK.

    Yeah, between this and the OP-1, there's going to be plenty of portable synth action this year!

  • gateway drug. Be careful.

  • Yeah, if you could hack that thing to get CV control of the notes...

  • it's not an analog filter btw, digital facsimile...

    not sure where i read that, in the CDM comments when it was released i think...

    i've got 5 cem3379 filters waiting for me on my desk when i get back to work!!!

  • oh, i'm wrong apparently. cool.

  • the monotron is a BEAST. voltage controlled oscillator, MS-20 filter, /audio-in/!!
    this is thing is going to sound amazing and circuit bending it is going to be great.

    @sauce: there's a good video on youtube already of the monotron modded with cv input: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WcF819PX9I

    edit: apparently you can preorder it right now on Nova Musik for $60. anyone ever ordered from them before? i'm a little bit paranoid when it comes to online purchases, and i haven't heard of them.

  • I haven't personally ordered anything from Nova, but I have friends that have had good experiences with them.

    Wow, only $60...hard to pass up at that price.

  • i've purchased from nova musik before, they're great.

    $60?! i think i have to get one.

  • snap!

    couldnt resist...went ahead an ordered one from nova musik, $59.99 flat. free shipping via UPS Ground to SF and no tax. even took paypal. done.

    thanks for the tip!

  • Eh. The video convinced me a little more, but I could still go without. Is there a price on the OP-1 yet? I think I would much rather get that.

  • the op-1 is rumoured to be around $700 you can't really compare the two...

  • i got one of these guys from work and we've been sitting round the office all day making blips and bloops which is fun for the couple synth nerds, but intensely irritating for just about everyone else.

    my workmate commented that the name 'monotron' comes from the fact that you'll be single very quickly if you use it anywhere near your girlfriend... i would tend to agree.

    (plugged into a proper system though you can make some fat bass sounds and the filter is great (self-oscillating too))

  • @ Trazmick or anybody else who pre-ordered a monotron thru novamusik.

    I also pre-ordered one back in May, and was wondering if anybody got it yet.

    I just revisited their site and am confused cuase it appears as if both identical units are listed twice, one saying 'preorder now' and another saying 'in stock'.

    I also remember customer service saying I would not be billed until the unit was ready to ship and I only realized now that I was indeed billed back in May. I never bothered checking till now cause I had read somewhere that these units wouldn't be ready in the states until August.

  • I'm very impressed. Customer service did get back to me in a QUICK and EXBODACIOUS matter.

    As for the units themselves and their website listing it as "in stock", here are the responses:

    As for the billing confusion:

  • Nice, I want one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WcF819PX9I&feature=related

  • yeah still waiting for mine to ship. i was billed back in May and have not heard from novamusik...

  • Yeah i can't wait to hear the different ways people are going to incorporate them into their setup. Some cool vids up already such as above.

    As for myself, I'm not handy enough to mod stuff, so It's going to force me to find another approach, which I love those type of challenges.

  • Perhaps of interest:


  • Stock arrived at my local retailer today, picking mine up after work :)

  • mine arrived from novamusik! its a cool toy, surprisingly even a couple of my non-musical friends like it. havent tried running anything through the filter yet...weird thing is that even though its a mono output, you gotta use a stereo 1/8" plug for the out...

  • @trazmick
    I got mine a few days ago from Nova as well. I really like if for my first analogue synth. Are the two ends on your split cable RCA? Cause for now, my monotron is married to my DJ mixer, which then goes into my interface. I'd like to go straight onto my interface. But the 1/4" adapters for the RCA ends don't seem to work. What's your chain?

  • yeah either or. i use two 1/4" adapters on the RCAs...works fine.

  • my roomie and i got one. can't stop playing with it. got some really good and neat sounds by chaining them together. hopefully a sample pack at some point? i need more time and less sleep.....

  • the thing can get some killer kick sounds out of it. probably the first thing i'll sample so i can do something other than 4 to the floor.

    wish there were some mod tutorials in english, since i'm pretty crappy at electronics and don't really have time to learn more about it.

    idea for when you get back: guitar->monotron1->monotron2

  • Hey that was fast. NOW where will analog ribbon tech lead?


  • yeup can't wait. I preordered a couple weeks ago on novamusic. Well it was more of a "we'll hold on to your email and notify you when we get a price." My monotron's aux input is someway in all my recent songs or beats :)

  • I love my Monotron, and I'm really liking the videos for the Monotribe...

    I'll have to look into this!

  • flip the switch to "cutoff"
    play a note
    turn the LFO intensity all the way up
    sweep the LFO frequency up until you've tuned it to the note you're playing
    enjoy chorus-like sounds!
    play with the cutoff and resonance too

  • ok novamusik got back to me today and is having a limited time preorder special of $208 on the monotribe.

  • no doubt everyone buying the monotribe has seen this....if you have an iphone you'll be pleased: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeQ-G5j3r-8

  • no actually I haven't seen this so thanks.

    No iPhone but I'm android so I need to look around.

    [edit] nevermind I found the article on CDM.

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