Sold: Live8 (no suite) + m4l and apc20

  • Due I left the trade I'm selling all my stuff.

    Live8 no suite + m4l = 500 euros.
    Apc20 = 130 euros.
    All 600 euros.

    The price can be negotiated. Contact me at mail please.

  • how much for just m4l?

  • Am I allowed to transfer a license for an individual component in Ableton Suite to another user?

    No. You may transfer your entire Ableton Suite license to another user, but not licenses for single instruments or libraries within Ableton Suite.

    If you previously owned licenses for one or more add-on components and then upgraded to Suite, you can no longer transfer the previously purchased licenses separately, as they have been absorbed into your Suite license.

    Non-Suite add-ons such as Max For Live and the Ableton Partner Instruments can be transferred separately.

  • I'm not sure if I can sell it standalone but If I can it will be over 150 euros.

  • In other hand for the m4l addon I has an interested since few days ago... I said him that I was not interested due to not securely about addon police from ableton (and how to sell them)

  • The guy seems still interested. If I sold him the m4l addon I will update this treat.


  • I am interesting in m4l too. let me know if you are not selling it to risbah.


  • Maxforlive was sold to the first guy who contact me at other forum.

    I still have the live 8 and apc20 license if anyone is interested.

    Thanks dudes!

  • New prices:

    Apc20 = 130 euros.
    Live8 = 250 euros.

    Pack = 350 euros.

  • I'm searching a Roland Sp555 and Behringer ddm4000.

    Changes are welcome!


  • Some pics:

  • I have got the 555 and 4000.

    Until Monday I could sell the pack for 300 euros.

  • Apc sold.

    Live8 = 250 euros.

  • Live 8 = 200 euros.