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  • Social networking seems in it's infancy still - it poo everywhere and seems a bit pointless... centralization is nice, but it also leads to a lot of mindless material. I prefer a lot browsing for nice conversation and material that inspire me... if social networks would have the same quality it would be great.

    I've been trying to flush out my network to only include people I like to hear from - and living in the middle of nowhere I don't benefit from the event pages as much as I used to in Montreal. I would love my social network to be just about monom, arduino, processing and other new media and connecting mainly with these community, some sort of bringning together the forum that I visit the most - since it seems that forum are still where the real data and information lives !





  • got you, iamanalog

  • hi friend

    desnos ask an invite

    bob.desnos (at)


  • invite is not a noun.

  • @ salamanderanagram

    thanks alot!

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    is this your website?

  • @cookie

    just sent you a g+ invite ;-)

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    invite for you as well!



    This may be common sense, but it's worth mentioning:

    g+ doesn't let you send a message identifying yourself, at least not as part of the "adding someone" process. If your username isn't evident in your profile somewhere, there's a decent chance you'll be ignored, or added to an "I don't know who this is" circle.

  • Ok. Maybe I'm being completely daft right now. But how do you get your url for your profile? My email is "" but "" doesn't direct to my profile. Anyone?

  • go to and you'll be able to assign your google ID to a human-readable text string. Took me a while to figure it out too, don't worry

  • @Pixel
    Thanks. Glad to know my intelligence isn't slipping on me.

    Give me a follow kind sirs.

  • Hello.

    I would appreciate an invite as well

    Spacedockface @ gmail

    Thank you kindly, fellow 'nomers

  • @bibu
    sent ya an invite. :)

  • if there invites to be had
    lemme kno

    i'd like to try it out

  • Thank you deems

  • @glia just put out your email :)


  • I've been adding people on this page to my one of my circle - just to hear from you people - not sure if it's kind of invasive or what... it's feels simpler to add people to circles than friending people a la facebook somehow - but I guess it's the same idea :)

  • @glia


  • thanks frank

  • @damaru,

    As i understand it, you'll see what we post to the public, or to specific circles that we're posting to if we've added you to those circles.

    Thus, I can get very technical in monome related posts, and not worry about confusing family members who won't understand a word of that, because they're not in that circle. Likewise, I can post family photos and the monome group won't be spammed with those.

    All of which is to say, it's only invasive if the person you're adding is stupidly irresponsible. ...and that's not your fault.

    (And, side note now that I've said this: I haven't posted anything yet, at all. don't worry that you might be missing stuff. So far, no one is.)

  • hit me up!



    call, friend




    I'm loving google+ as a hub for instrument builders and synth nerds - stoked that there is a thread here!

  • currently ambivalent about g+...convince me otherwise:

  • Give it time.

    The actual web service seems neither good nor bad. But the ability to form an ad hoc group of contacts, share content with them, and disband the group, is nice.

    (I imagine a lot of "friends who are at ComicCon" circles will form next week, and that people will coordinate amongst themselves to stalk TV actors or scour the floor for back issues of their favorite comics. Lots of information will flow between those people, and the rest of us won't be bothered with it.)

    And then of course, there are some solid features in their video chat client and such, but those will quickly be copied by everyone else. Long term, it's not about those features. Those were just to get you signed up.

    Long term, it's not even about the social network, and the fact that you don't care about the experience is sort of the point.

    It's about having a unified address book, and being able to talk to or share files with anyone in that address book, from any app on any device that you happen to be logged in on.

    In a nutshell, it's about Android taking a shot at both iOS and OSX, and becoming a lot more viable than it ever has been.

    That end game is interesting. g+, maybe less so. But it's a big step in that direction...


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    so how do i find this monome circle? or is it created per user and all information gets streamed within that circle?

  • It's created per-user. Circles aren't public/shared. So, my monome circle might not have the same users in it that yours does.

    When you publish things, you can decide whether the thread is public, or limited to specific circles that you've set up.

    Most of us have elected to make a "monome" circle, just 'cause the group here has a particular set of interests the rest of the world doesn't always share.

    And of course, circles can harmlessly overlap.

    I think I'm about to build a "los angeles" circle, a "SoCal" one, and "california" (so I can choose how wide a net I'm casting if I advertise a show. I mean, if it's last minute, there's no point in bugging people who aren't already in town, right?)

  • If anyone have an invite over, I would be very pleased.


  • I'm unfamiliar with the invite process, but I think I just sent it.


  • @gtz


    i've added yall to the monome circle, looking forward to exchanging media and information with you guys.

  • thanks a lot !

  • Let me know if it worked and say hi! I'm Roberto



    Just created my monome circle.

  • Anyone got an invite left? Love to check it out ...

    ithkaa at gmail dot com


    @ithkaa sending an invite