thinking of trading some analog synths

  • hey community
    i have a moog LP stage II and prophet 08 keyboard I am thinking of trading before moving. both mint and 100% functional.
    ideally i'd like to downsize, for one cool analog synth, analog sequencer with CV out (doepfer MAK or oberkorn), or drum machine / sampler (emu sp-1200 mostly / vermona drm / tr-808 / elektron)
    hit me up in PM if you feel like trading! if worst comes to worst, i'll consider selling too.

  • where do you live?

  • sorry i forgot to mention that. i'm in ontario.

  • i am also going to add eventide eclipse and shermann filterbank to the list

  • would u be interested in a roland jx3p? i got the PG200 knob controller thing for it too

  • nope sorry. thanks for the offer.

  • shermann filterbank

    love it. I've played with them before and make for lots of fun.

  • maybe interested in the prophet '08 if you're willing to sell for cash.

    hit back on generalzodschicken at gmail dot com