New App Idea, Full Performance App

  • So I was going to a gig the other day, going over all of the things I had to carry around to play, the guitar, the amp/cab, the MBP, the monome, the little PA I use for the MBP and I realized that it wasn't that big of a gig, and I didn't really use the guitar for anything necessary, so I got an idea for a new app. Basically what I was thinking was one application with a few different pages mapped to the monome, the top row mapped to control the pages.

    The first page is a 7 track step sequencer. To minimize any confusion and maximize ease of use, I was thinking that one could simply drag the samples that one would like to be mapped to each track. This sequencer could have anywhere from 1 to 8 beats (corresponding to the number of buttons) that could be controlled by a drop down menu, or something of that sort. One of the top row buttons could be mapped to start and stop play. Pretty basic (not that it's basic to create, but a basic step sequencer)

    The second page is a midi controller, to be used by itself, or with programs like Ableton or Logic, or what-have-you to control virtual instruments. Pretty basic as well.

    The third page could be a sample cutter, of less quality than mlr. Don't really need to go much into detail about it.

    The fourth page would be something a little more complicated. I was thinking a mixer (similar in style to slide) that controls the volume of each page. That would leave 4 rows open to whatever the designer could imagine. The point of this app would be it's ease of use, and the ability for one to perform an entire song, or more with simply one's monome and their computer. Most of the gigs I've been playing lately could be completely done with the monome and I, so this would be a great app for me to use. I would begin my own work on it, but I know nothing about Max, at all. The last time I tried, I almost killed myself with frustration.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop in and propose my idea. Sorry I couldn't think of a clever title for it.

    Enjoy discussion.

  • How about just making something like Quadrants, except instead of quadrants, have pages. Then anyone could run anything they wanted at any time on any page.

  • You know you can do much of that stuff with Molar vst?

    I think someone has already made a max patch to switch between several different max apps, like mlr, slide etc... haven't tried it though.

  • funny you should mention the idea of a multi-page app with one row dedicated to navigation and a mixer page controlling the other elements, as that's what i've done with my own thing.

  • Yep sounds a lot like Molar except Molar isn't a multipage app in the same regard but you can load several instances and easily switch between several instances each one set up to perform a different function.

    But yeah, new apps are always gonna be different and cool regardless so you have my full support ;)

  • i have similar dreams of pagination, but mine involve a 4x4 page controller.