For Sale or Trade: Cycling '74 Radial Software

  • Hi,
    I have a boxed and sealed copy of Radial with the Radial Audio Loops CD. The software was bought for a friend who never converted to Mac from PC. Please note that this software will only run on a Mac. If interested please make an offer.

    wmn303 at comcast dot net

  • do you use radial yourself? i fell in love with that program a couple of years ago, but got a little frustrated by the lack of support (specifically the upgrade to intel mac). now that i've got a monome, i'm not that tempted to bother with it, but never say never, i guess. it can be loads of fun, with an innovative interface- wonder if anyone else here uses it?

  • Yes, I have been using Radial quite a bit lately. It really is a great way to get some nice textures created relatively quickly. I have been working out basic ideas in Radial and then using ReWire to get these into Live.

    A universal binary beta of Radial was released about a year ago. I have been using it for the past couple of months and it has run well on my PowerPC macs.

  • I've been using radial on my intel macs and I can't live without it...
    Like wmn303 mentioned...a very very nice tool to create textures and loops with.... quick and surprising !

    I made a radial patch for my lemur that makes it even better !

  • wow, you guys have inspired me to open that radial sector in my brain up again. so, no glitches (aside from those intended) with your uni binary versions? i can't even remember now what the problem was that i was having with it (aside from the lengthy wait for the beta release)- maybe transferring patches from the earlier version? anyway, will give it another go...

  • I have been getting very solid performance from the UB version.

    The UB version adds ReWire host sync which allows Radial to sync to the ReWire host's clock which for me has been a very important update. I have also been getting better functionality out of RadiaLFO which in the previous versions was a little unpredictable.

    I know that you cannot open any projects in the older version of Radial once they have been opened in the UB version because the file format for the new version is binary. I would back up any previous projects just to be safe. The dlaye plugin is also missing but should be updated sometime in the future.