Today Norway got bombed.

  • also machine gunned. this is a sad day for me.

  • yeah, crazy. Was just reading up on this. Still don't quite understand where the beef is? Was this a domestic, locally sourced event, or what? On the international scene, norway seems pretty well respected (certainly a shining example of good investment leading to massive environmental project funding around the world, the whole REDD forest projects, etc.), not sure what would be driving terrorism up north?

    Stay safe ser, keep your head down...

  • Just heard this on the radio - I was amazed to hear it happened there. Stay well.

  • bbc link, seems there's been shootings as well.

  • Be safe, you never know when politics may complicate your life indadvertedly.

  • wow. be careful

  • bah, just read about this. stay safe and i hope everything turns out alright.

  • @lokey

    as it seems, they have arrested a Norwegian guy for the shootings, connecting him closely to the bombing. so this is probably a matter of interior politics, not of international scale, and not at all necessarily any type of jihad or something like that, which seemed to be what everybody were thinking about at first.

    but thanks for the kind regards, my heart as well goes out to my fellow norwegians and obviously you Kristoffer, Oslo citizen.

  • Yeah, sadly humans seem very capable of bootstrapping their own monstrous decisions out of the muck, without any external religious direction. A damned shame indeed, all the very best to the denizens of Norway, I trust this sort of madness is well isolated.

    On a related note, here in Calgary, there's an apartment building burning down across the river from me as I type this. Oh my.

  • it is now pretty good described on wikipedia:

  • This is Shocking news. My thoughts are with the people of Norway today.

  • I'll get back to you, but for now, DO NOT WATCH FOX NEWS. I cannot comprehend what bullshit they are able to produce upon this tragedy.