Livid Ohm RGB

  • Didn't see mention of this here, but figured it'd be of interest: Livid has updated their Ohm with 3-bit (7 color) LED feedback:

  • We were drooling over it in one of the Launchpad threads.

    And then I mentioned elsewhere that it was in my shopping cart, literally one click away from submitting payment, when I found out my job is going away.

    But, yeah. I had big plans for that one...

  • it says 'python and midi scripts', does this mean it can run an osc communication spec? Not having used an ohm devices, i thought there were update or timing issues with some devices? Or is that just with the launchpad?

  • ooh, and all seven colours? Thats very nice...

  • I believe it's a class compliant MIDI device, that MIDI is the only thing the actual device speaks, but that example scripts are provided in python for your computer to interact with it.

    Timing issues...

    Launchpad is not class compliant, and it's actually using a slower USB port than most, so I'm not sure how much of that applies here.

    Someone from Launchpad's hardware team (Ben) posted some very interesting replies in this thread, if you're at al curious about the reasoning behind some of these compromises:

    That said, yes, MIDI does have a fixed baud rate, where OSC will flow as fast as connections allow.

    I've also come to realize that even OSC is too slow, if you're updating one LED at a time. The apps that really perform well visually are updating whole rows or columns, or even 8x8 frames all at once.

    It's Possible OhmRGB allows that kind of optimization. Or that Livid would be open to throwing similar instructions into a firmware patch. I don't know.

    Anyway, what you'll see in all the OhmRGB videos posted is that they're not doing anything like polygome or press cafe, or even mlr. There aren't a lot of timing-critical LED updates being demo'd.

    But for what I had in mind, I'm sure the LED update speed would have been fine.

  • Also worthy of mention:

    * You can plug in a damn sustain pedal. Heck, you can plug in two of them. People need foot pedals, and they're cheap at any music store, but so few devices support them these days. That's crazy.

    * The MIDI In port can pass signals from legacy devices into your computer without requiring a secondary interface. So, that's potentially one less thing to carry around.

    * You can build support for it into iPad apps, including LED feedback.

    * I can't find a list of the colors. Is it ROYGBIV? Or is one of them white?

    Anyway, It's not perfect, but it is well thought out, and a substantial chunk of my wishlist for an electronic instrument is accounted for here.

  • Hi guys!

    Maybe you will be interested on this too:


  • I'll be picking up the Livid Ohm RGB later this month. Very excited to experiment with it and try running MLRV2.1 with it. I was using the Launchpad to run MLRV before but continually ran into several bugs, usually when I tried to load the next preset. Anybody using the RGB yet or planning to soon? I'll try to share my thoughts when I get it...

  • maybe this helps..

    "...LED commands from monome apps (currently supported: /led /row and /col) are intercepted and converted to sysex for the Ohm64, and MIDI from the Ohm64 is converted to OpenSoundControl and sent to the monome applications..."

  • Interesting. I wonder if that approach works in Max For Live apps?

    (Live helpfully discards all your sysex data for you)

  • My girlfriend is getting this for Christmas she just started using ableton and I've been showing her some things any suggestions on anything better besides a launch pad only because I have one and something different then A monome only because I own two but I guess you can never have to many nomes and not an apc because I have one as well she like the grid concept and something different would be sweet

  • That was a crazy long run-on sentence.

    I think OhmRGB will be great for her. She's just learning Ableton now; this'll give her hands-on control. No need to drop the learning curve of dealing with apps on top of that until she's mastered the software a bit. At which time, you can start easing her into an app-based workflow with it.

  • Thanks, thats exactly what I was thinking, sorry about the run on joint I'm at work,and was taking advantage of my smart phone while sitting on the pot. My tenesmis makes me forget punctuation sometimes