256 RGB FrudahGnome

  • Hi Everybody...

    I've been following the community for a while... but have
    really been spending my time coding for quite some time.

    It is finally wrapped up. A complete 16x16 RGB monome clone!

    There are several modes I have built in. My favorite is having
    the background phase as everything is scrolling across.

    I've also made it so your scrolling point changes colors according
    to the audio level for that buffer in MLR.

    Due to the increased functionality, it runs over straight serial, with
    modifications on the backend of MLR to make everything work.

    I haven't made the faceplate yet, but it's coming. I'm just happy
    this is finally done enough to start making music again.

    I have two different batches of LED's on this, so you can see a
    difference between the LED's when it's red, but lesson learned.
    Next time I'll get them all from the same lot.

    I just took some pictures of the randomized colors to display
    the nice pastel range, as well as one of it split with red-pink / light-blue.

    Videos coming soon.

    I'd love some comments!


    The Frudah

  • wow that is pretty, congrats Frudah.

  • i actually said "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" out loud.


  • Must see video! Please?

  • It's an hour later and there still isn't video. Why was I even born?

  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. That. Is. Awesome.

  • sparkfun pads too. respect. that thing must be huuuge!

  • Nice job!

  • so ridiculous! great work man. i wish there was a video to watch as well.

  • wow. that's beautiful. Apart from that, i can imagine many uses of this....

  • Is this real life? The idea of the RGB's serving a big aesthetic use is actually pretty exciting. A lot of times we get caught up in the pure functional value of multiple colors, but its nice to entertain the thought of "just cuz its pretty".

  • RGB is hypnotic...


  • @Gohmn > Yep. This is real life. :) I definitely like the idea of musical devices being as pretty as they are functional. Having the background phase between colors makes this thing use almost 4 amps continuously, but at 5 volts, its well worth it. 20 watts is a joke to make as much light as this thing makes.

    @nowawakelow > I will try to get a decent video made tonight. I've been trying to track down my video cam, but worst case, I will use my phone.


    1536 x 2048 - 589K
    1536 x 2048 - 525K
    1536 x 2048 - 445K
  • I had a chance to use this last night. It big, its pretty.. downright gangster!

  • @Mudo > Very nice phasing on your columns.

  • Would it be weird if I made one of these pictures my desktop?

    ...too late.
    Incredible! Hats off to you, sir.

  • @Frudah > Are you searching faceplate/enclosure?

  • Im suprised no ones asked this yet..

  • Apologies for the delay. I tend to disappear sometimes. But, I am back on this project.

    Schematics are simple. this is actually a whole bunch of rgb button boards from spark fun. It's run by two arduino 1280's. And the final build is going to contain a few softpots and some thumb joysticks. I have plenty of new pics on FB:


    I'm finally getting it in a case instead of sitting on standoffs. My MLRv setup
    uses 15 tracks and 15 groups. I've also added 4 inline effects
    as well as a bass / mid / treble kills, and bass / mid / treble eq's on each group. All these values can be easily accessed using the offset 4x4 grid that is dedicated for controlling 'page' access. I have one page where it cuts the horizontal resolution in half leaving you with 8 buttons per track to assign things like reverse, mute, H/M/L cuts, Stops, etc. Pretty smooth.

    I did however damage two of the boards, so hopefully will have those fixed in the next week or so.

  • So like someone said...schematics? It looks great. Let's see, RGB button boards $35-40 EACH (AT 10+ RATE), that's around 600 not counting arduinos, chips, button pads (another $160), must have been a big investment. Looks great man and waiting for more info.

  • A little bit of a cost... but considering Monome GS 64's are going for $500, it's not bad.

    This was really just to prototype the code and get one running. Next one will be custom boards to bring the cost down. Still will use the sparkfun button pads; I just love the size and feel of them. No offense, but monome buttons are a bit too small for me. I don't have schematics. But I think a brief description should do; This is two arduino 1280's each running a half of the grid. Sure, could've used some reg's and did it on one, but sometimes I feel lazy. Each arduino is handling 8 sets of SPI interfaces using a custom SPI implementation over pins 22-53. Board one also handles the page selector using another spi addon over pins 14-17. And, both boards will host a couple softpots and a 2 axis, pushbutton thumbstick. Also going to put a couple of competition arcade buttons on the side that can be reached while hitting the joysticks.

    All pretty simple really.

    More details to come. Will have this thing fully enclosed in the next couple weeks and

  • I am hoping to resurface some of this conversation... I am starting a project and have 0 experience. This is my undertaking to learn how to build something based on arduino and then expand upon it.

    Currently I need some direction regarding button pads. The chronome project is what I am attempting to follow, but I don't understand the difference between the button pad they've designed and the SparkFun RBG button pads aside from prices. Any help would be appreciated.