new app : dj64

  • @rbertsch I've been thinking the same thing for the past months. A loop in/loop out would be amazing. Nice mix by the way you have a soundcloud? If so you should post it.

  • I cant leave the app alone either!
    V2! Want some!

  • rbertesch, its weird to see someone using dj64 "upside down", but I suppose thats the beauty of it. Also is the video mirrored? or is my brain exploding?

  • @sauce, i was waiting for someone to call me out on that. No your brain is not exploding... When i made my monome i accidentally put the head of one of the ribbon cables on backwards, resulting in every program being upside down.... and i've just been having so much fun with it that i haven't made time to correct it, and now im just used to every program being upside down haaa, it makes my monome unique!!! good eye tho

  • could you not just run the monome round?

  • This app is amazing! Can't wait for V2

  • V2? What's good.

  • Hello, amazing app! I just got my monome yesterday and started getting the hang of this quite easily.

    I have one question though. I'm running on a 128 and well the other half is sadly not being put to use. Is there a possible way to get the other half to act as the visual eq?

  • bump for DJ64 v2

  • Any word on the progress of the Max5 rebuild? Or has development died?

  • Bump??? Womp??

  • bump for v2

  • this is amazing.

  • Hi. I'm about to dust off DJ 64. I never had any bugs with it, so I'd like to use the corresponding max version with it but I don't recall which one it is.

    This is what I have. I have max 4.6, 5.0.7, 5.1.7, and 5.1.8 I believe it's Max 4 still, yes?


  • Yes, Max 4. Works in 5 mostly, but can get a little buggy and weird.

  • hi simioliolio
    i just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks so much for dj64/256.
    ive been using it live now for a couple of years and its totally amazing.
    the way to make people go nuts with it seems to be:
    slow something down all the way from 100% to 0% then keeping going to -100% so the whole thing ends up speeding back up, but playing backwards.
    instant crazy dancefloor!

    much respect.


  • hey simioliolio,

    two days ago i tested the dj64, really a great piece of work. the effectsection is really magnificent. and the loading time issue is not thaaaaaat bad.

    i have a suggestion for a mod (i am not a programmer, otherwise i would do it by myself):
    put in a second dac just for monitoring. my audiointerface has just 2 outputs, so monitoring doesnt work for me. but i have a second audiointerface, which also has two outputs...oh yeah, and theres also that one in my notebook.

    btw: monitoring on left and right channel....doesnt work. theres no split. i only get stereo signals from both channels. is there a split-button i missed? i run it on max 5.0.8, since 5.1.x has no soundoutput

    greetings from bavaria,


  • im pretty sure max doesn't support more than one sound card.
    but if you're on osx, you can create an aggregate audio device which will let max see both interfaces as one:

  • i'm on pc, but WOHOOO thanks for the hint maersk!! the asio4all driver (from ver. 2.10 upwards) can handle aggregate audio device (never heard of this before)! awesome! mixing right now!

  • Bump! This app is great, wish I would have found it sooner.

  • Thanks for the great app!!!