b-keeper max beat detection/ableton bpm control!

  • Oh baby...


  • wow
    looks like very solid beat tracking
    i think this could be exactly what i need to keep visuals in sync
    ...if i could figure out how it works :/

  • this looks perfect for some live performance ideas I've been tempted to try,
    thanks a mil lokey!

  • Play drums, have pre-recorded midi tracks in ableton sent out to disklavier and tadaaa... jamming with a phantom piano player with adaptive tempo. This is too awesome if this works, gona try it out as soon as I can.

  • if you want a hand keeping visuals in sync, drop me a line

    I developed B-Keeper, a new audio based beat tracker, BeatSeeker, and also have link up for Juce/openFrameworks if you want info from ableton, might be handy?