Monome in DRUM! Magazine

  • Dear Brian and Kelli,

    Hey Guys! If you haven’t heard, you are featured in DRUM Magazine in an article called "Alternative, Alternative Controllers". I have been a fan of you guys since you started the site and have posted numerous things on the forum and I also built, successfully, one of your 40h kits. I was so impressed with your device, obviously I had to build one of my own, I had to share with a good friend of mine, Norm Weinberg, Percussion Professor here at the University of Arizona, also a midi guru. Norm was extremely excited and just so happened to be working on this article. He came over to my house and I demonstrated various applications and ideas with the monome and talked extensively about MAX/MSP. I told him, “Man, you got to give these guys some love and put the monome in the article, low and behold!! DRUM Magazine May 2008, Bill Rieflin of R.E.M. on the cover, you will find your hard work displayed and discussed!! Much love and I hope to get my hands on a 256 at the end of the HOT summer here in AZ! You guys kick ass! Good luck with all your ventures!! MONOME!!!


    Jack Sterbis

  • Here's the article!!!

    1564 x 2148 - 804K
    1549 x 2146 - 915K
    1606 x 2156 - 823K
  • Here's the rest!

    1541 x 2152 - 911K
    1566 x 2113 - 934K
    1563 x 2161 - 894K