Building a 128 with 40h kits.

  • is this possible?
    if so... how?

  • entirely possible. but there'd be four usb ports. unless you did something clever with the logic boards, which i'm not sure is possible?

  • thats what I'm sayin'... I wouldn't want to cut or plice any wires... and the 40h is
    powered by USB while the 128 has a separate source. hmmmmm... wouldn't this bog down processing power? i don't know... i'm no Electrical engineer.

  • Four ports? You need two as you have two logic boards to connect.
    You can combine them into one port using a built in powered usb hub.


  • sounds like miaouxmiaoux misinterpreted that as 256.

    david phipps did it. i think there's some info on the old forum. also things like this:

  • Awesome!!!! Thank yous'!!!

  • oops, yes i did. what he said...

  • An old post I know:) But I am surprised that no others post talking about that. In my case, I am thinking to build a 128 because I already built my 40h.

    Two 40h means 2 usb ports, so 2 instance of monomeserial?
    Or I am just stupid? I didnt found all these informations, not about building but about monomeserial, usb things like that.

    I hope this question will help a lots of peaple too :)

    "Longue vie au Monome"

  • monomeserial can handle multiple devices, so you only need one instance, but you will need to set an offset on one of the devices.