Monomeet in NYC 10/15 (?)

  • So tehn is in town, I'll be in town for a show. Who wants to host something?

    I'll be playing a show the evening of the 14th with Robert AA Lowe (Lichens), Ben Neil (mutant trumpet) and DOK in 8 channel surround. Would love to have some monomers in attendance.

  • hmmmm... now i wanna find an excuse to come to nyc even MOAR

  • sounds interesting indeed

  • shit, i'm likely going to a bachelor party that day =(. I'll be at the show though!

  • might be messy with expo74 happening, but i'll post open invitations to anywhere public we all end up after the conference


  • So what options do we have so far?

  • Seems like that's a zero so far. I'm in town Tues - Sun and down for whatever!

  • Everyone is welcome to my gig on the 14th, and If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be here next Saturday (10/15) at 6pm:

  • where is the show on the 14th?

  • Boom!

  • i'm coming by the gig after the c74 event at colombia.

  • This is sort of insane, but Saturday is an unbelievable day of music:

    Queen Sea Big Shark, The Field, A$AP Rocky + Clams Casino, Four Tet, Florence + the Machine, Nic Thorburn from Islands (DJ set), The Golden Filter (DJ set), Emicida, Teen Daze, John Maus, Yuksek, Atlas Sound, Company Flow, Justice (DJ set), DJ Ravves, Optimo, Nosaj Thing + jj and Koreless, Girl Unit, Juan MacLean (DJ set)

    And then Tim Hecker, Mark Fell, Phoenecia, Carlos Giffoni, Tim Harrington, Rene Hell